The ‘National Museum of Qatar’ (NMoQ) book, which highlights the country’s heritage, traditions, and cultural identity, won the first prize in the prestigious American Alliance of Museums Publication Competition, it was announced.
Qatar Museums (QM) said on its blog that NMoQ’s new publication written by Philip Jodidio, who authored more than 100 books in the area of contemporary architecture, with the support of a veteran researcher in the field of museums, by Dr Karen Exell.
“The book narrates the journey through the physical museum. It features striking photography by Iwan Baan, a Dutch photographer and Khalifa Al Obaidly, former director of Fire Station: Artist in Residence and acclaimed Qatari photographer,” said the blog quoting NMoQ’s Publishing director and a key person involved in the project, Randa Takieddine, who shared her insights about the book.
“The book encapsulates the vision of Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa, Chairperson of Qatar Museums, and outlines the symbolic significance of the museum for the nation. It also features the remarkable architecture of French architect, Jean Nouvel and the meticulously restored historic Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani,” QM said.
Some of the book’s highlights include the stunning images of the restored Palace of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jassim Al Thani in Chapter 1, “which retraces its significance as the former seat of government and home to the first National Museum of Qatar.”
Besides an array of picture of the new building, the book also provides an insight on the concept behind the architectural masterpiece based on an interview with its designer, renowned French architect, Jean Nouvel, who also explained “how he united the archaic form of the desert rose with the dynamic waterfront of contemporary Doha.”
QM noted that the final chapter put a spotlight on the natural history gallery, showcasing “specially commissioned models of flora and fauna designed to show the great diversity of life in the peninsula.”
About the contest, NMoQ said on its Instagram page that “this competition recognises creativity and ingenuity in the graphic design of museum publications around the world. Winners are chosen for their overall design excellence, innovation and ability to express an institution’s personality, mission, or special features”.
NMoQ shares the win under the ‘Books’ category with University of Washington Press’ (Seattle, WA) Seattle Style while second prize winners are: Exploratorium’s (San Francisco, CA) ‘The Art of Curiosity’ and Lucid Art Foundation’s (Inverness, CA) ‘Gordon Onslow Ford – A Man on a Green Island’.
Other categories include Exhibition Catalogues; Posters; Annual Reports, Newsletters and Calendar of Events; Magazines/Scholarly Journals; Invitations to Events; Press Kits, Marketing, and Public Relations Materials; Fundraising/Membership Materials; Educational Resources; Exhibition Collateral Materials; and Institution Materials.
The ‘NMoQ’ book is available online at IN-Q Gift Shop, Amazon, and Thames and Hudson, and in the museum’s gift shop.
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