Six-year old Doha kid sets records with Jurassic era giants
October 28 2020 01:27 PM
Padmanabhan Nair with the certificates.
Padmanabhan Nair with the certificates.

A Doha based, child prodigy has set a record of a different nature by identifying various types of one of the oldest forms of living beings on earth: dinosaurs.

The six-year-old Padmanabhan Nair recently set a series of records by identifying maximum number of dinosaurs in the least time and has entered into the World Records of UK, Limca Book of Records, The India Book of Records and The Asia Book of Records.

Padmanabhan achieved this feat by identifying 41 types of dinosaurs in one minute as well as 97 in five minutes and this young genius is also slated to appear in the Guinness Book of World Records, according to his father, Jayaprakash.

The record setting feat took place in Doha on September 2 at Indian Cultural Centre in the presence of scientists and researchers from Qatar who officiated as witnesses and time keepers.

His record setting attempt can be watched here:

For this Grade 1 student of Birla Public School, dinosaurs have been a subject of curiosity and fascination and he has spared no efforts in mastering them. For him, it was not just a hobby watching these enormous reptiles on screen or books, but he has delved deep into their origin and started learning more about them.

Padmanabhan, just 125cms tall, is a master in dealing with the biggest reptiles and can easily identify more than 130 types of dinosaurs without a flaw. “Padmanabhan took a fancy for this extinct species when he chanced upon a story book that featured dinosaurs. Ever since he has been pestering his father for more and more resources, which he happily provided and literally fanned the spark of curiosity and knowledge. By looking at the picture of a dinosaur, this youngster can tell, whether it is a ‘reptile’ or a ‘bird’ and other features,” explained Jayaprakash.

Teachers, family friends and parents of Padmanabhan keep encouraging him to continue to learn more about the dinosaurs and provide him with various books and materials about special species of animals, references from various websites, YouTube, consultation with biology teachers and department heads of schools.

The Principal and the faculty at Birla Public School are a great support in his continued journey into knowledge and Padmanabhan’s feat is sure to inspire other children in a big way. Everyone is hopeful about more such wonderful feats from this little master.

Padmanabhan’s father Jayaprakash, works with Teyseer Services Company and his mother, Jyothilakshmi is a mathematics teacher. The family hails from Alappuzha in Kerala, India.

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