Qatar will rise further in Turkey’s export ranking and Turkish exports “will increase exponentially” not only in the furniture sector, but also in the paper-cardboard and wood and wooden products sectors, an official of a furniture group has said.
According to A Tahsin Ata, the chairman of the Central Anatolian Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters’ Association, Turkey’s furniture, paper, and forest products sector exports to Qatar increased by 39% to reach $109.5mn in 2019.
“In the furniture group, our exports increased by 36% to $85.5mn, placing Qatar in ninth place in our exports. Our paper and cardboard exports increased by 33% to $9.4mn in the same year, while our exports of wood and wooden products decreased by 7% to $7.5mn,” Ata told Gulf Times in a statement Tuesday.
“Qatar, the country with one of the highest welfare level in the world, has recently become one of the influential actors of Middle East politics. Considering its current national income and budget surplus, it is an attractive market for the furniture industry within the framework of superstructure projects that are currently ongoing or to be made,” Ata continued.
The Central Anatolian Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters' Association has 1,700 active members. The furniture, paper, and forestry products industry accounts for 3% of Turkey's total exports.
On Monday, the association hosted a ‘Virtual Trade Mission’ for companies from Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. The event, which concludes tomorrow (September 24), offers online B2B (one-to-one) meetings with 16 major Turkish manufacturers of furniture and forestry products. It is officially supported by Turkish Ministry of Trade and organised by Shedu Consulting & International Trade.
“The pandemic affected the whole world, as well as our country and caused a slowdown in production activities and decrease in exports all over the world. Target country visits, fair organisations, and sectoral trade mission organisations, which are made for increasing export have been interrupted due to the pandemic, led us to new and different areas to make trade, Ata said.
He noted that the association is taking firm steps “towards adapting to the new order” and organising the first virtual trade delegation, citing Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman as “important markets” for Turkey’s exports industry.
“In this process, bilateral business meetings, which contributed greatly to our exports, are transferred to the digital platform. This means that the opportunity to meet with many buyers at the same time in more than one country, enable our exporters to enter more than one market instead of a single market and to contribute more to our country's exports,” he stressed.
Ata said Turkish sector exports in Oman increased by 20% to $34.7mn, $28mn of which belongs to furniture exports. “The relations between Oman and Turkey in many areas of development clearly show that our exports in this period will also be affected positively,” he said.
Turkish total industry exports to Kuwait increased by 2% in 2019 to $33.3mn. The sub-sector with the highest exports is furniture, Ata pointed out.
“We are sure that this increase will continue and we will see Kuwait even higher in all three sectors in the future. We believe that with this virtual trade delegation, we will gain more place in these three markets and open a new door for Turkish furniture design to spread all over the world,” Ata said.
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