Doha Municipality's health control section carried out 113 inspection tours at food establishments across Doha, which resulted in the issuance of four violation reports in accordance with Law No 8 of 1990 on the regulation of human food control.

In addition, administrative decisions were issued to shut down three restaurants for periods ranging from three to 30 days for related violations, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) said in a statement on Monday.

Further, health inspectors carried out 14 inspection tours in the Industrial Area and issued one violation report accordingly.

Meanwhile, veterinarians at the section supervised the slaughter of 2,364 heads of livestock at the automated abattoir and ordered the immediate destruction of 14 slaughtered carcasses for being unfit for human consumption, as well as the destruction of 1,726kg of meat for the same reason, the statement noted.

Also, veterinarians supervising the fish market at the Corniche inspected 1,830kg of fish on display there.

These efforts come in the implementation of the plan drawn up by the health control section at Doha Municipality to implement continuous and sudden inspection campaigns at food establishments in Doha and the Industrial Area on a daily basis, the statement added.

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