The Qatari Quality Mark has been launched today to enhance the competitiveness of national products in the local, regional and global markets and to support development plans and consumer protection.

On the occasion, HE Minister of Commerce and Industry Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari stressed that launching the Quality Mark is an important step towards promoting the concept of quality and conforming to the specifications approved in the country, in order to support the national industry, enhance the production and export capacity of private sector companies and establish the competitiveness of their products at the local, regional and international levels. Granting the Qatari Quality Mark to any of the national companies is the best evidence of the efficiency of the quality system and it supports the companies ability to continue their efforts to upgrade their products in accordance with the specifications and standards set in the country, he pointed.

His Excellency praised the efforts of the Qatar General Organisation For Standardisation (QATAR STANDARDS ) in supporting and developing national institutions and establishments and encourage them to apply national standards and adopt best international practices in their products in order to support their competitiveness and expansion in the local and international markets.

HE the Minister of Commerce and Industry congratulated the Al Qataria for Production of Reinforcing Steel for obtaining the first Qatari quality mark for its products, pointing out that this is an important achievement in light of the great progress that the country has been witnessing in the construction sector.

His Excellency extended thanks and appreciation to those in charge of this pioneering national company that has succeeded in developing its products in a way that meets the needs of the local market and supports the national economy. HE the Minister also voiced confidence in the ability of all national companies to achieve quality and implement the Qatari standard specifications, wishing Qatari companies success.

For his part, Chairman of QATAR STANDARDS Engineer Muhammad bin Saud Muhammad Al Musallam, explained that the Qatari Quality Mark enhances the competitiveness of products in the local, regional and global markets and aims to support the national production, development plans and consumer protection. He expressed hope that all establishments and companies will obtain it in the near future to reach a distinguished stage of quality.

He indicated that the "Qatari Quality Mark" has many advantages, as it contributes to gaining the trust of customers and increases the products' value and opportunities for competition in the local and foreign markets. He also offered congratulations to the Al Qataria for Production of Reinforcing Steel, which fulfilled the criteria and requirements necessary to obtain this mark, which qualified it to be the first company to obtain the Qatari Quality Mark for its products.

The "Qatari Quality Mark" is an optional mark placed on the product as evidence of its conformity with the approved national standards and that it has been examined and tested by an internationally recognized "certified laboratory" and that the facility is subject to monitoring and meets the required international standards and requirements.

It is a badge that is granted by the QATAR STANDARDS to indicate the quality control mechanism in the facility and is placed on the commodity (sticking or engraving), in a way that is difficult to remove, or on the commodity's packaging in the event that the commodity does not allow the mark to be placed on it.

In order to obtain the mark, the facility must fulfill a number of conditions and standards stipulated in the "Qatari Quality Mark" regulation adopted from the international requirements and regulations for granting the quality mark .. The license to use the Qatari quality mark is valid for a renewable period of two years.

It is noteworthy that the (Al Qataria for Production of Reinforcing Steel) was the first facility to obtain the "Qatari Quality Mark" for its products after it has fulfilled all the necessary requirements. (QNA)

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