Indian carriers have announced that they are set to operate a number of flights between different cities in India and Doha this month. India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation had recently announced the creation of a travel bubble (temporary air travel between two countries) with Qatar from August 18 to 31 for flights to and from either side, as agreed upon by the Civil Aviation Authority of Qatar.

Instructions in this regard were issued in a letter by the Indian ministry’s undersecretary Anup Pant to director-general of Civil Aviation Amit Gupta and Indian carriers. Accordingly, IndiGo on Sunday tweeted: "We are all set to fly between India and Doha, Qatar W.E.F. 18th August, 2020." One has to click on the link,, to know the travel criteria.

Similarly, Air India Express has issued a list of flights from India for which bookings are now open.

The schedule is as follows:

August 20 - Kochi-Doha, 9am

August 21 - Kozhikode-Doha, 8.30am

August 22 - Tiruchirappalli-Doha, 11.20am

August 23 - Mumbai-Doha, 11am

August 25 - Mumbai-Doha, 11am

August 26 - Delhi-Doha, 8am; Amritsar-Doha, 5.20pm; and Kannur-Doha, 11.35am

August 27 - Kochi-Doha, 9am

August 28 - Chennai-Doha, 10.20am

August 29 - Kozhikode-Doha, 8.30am

August 30 - Kochi-Doha, 9am; Mumbai-Doha, 11am; and Tiruchirappalli-Doha, 12noon

“Traffic carried from India to Qatar will comprise passengers destined for Qatar only," the above-mentioned letter had said. “The designated airlines of both sides will be permitted to sell tickets between India and Qatar in each direction through their websites, sales agents and Global Distribution Systems."

According to information available on the IndiGo website, customer categories allowed to travel from India to Qatar are Qatari nationals, their spouses, children and companions arriving with them on the same flights; Permanent Residency card holders and exceptional return permit holders; GCC nationals using their passports along with their companions under their sponsorship on the same flight; and foreign diplomats on mission to Qatar, holders of administrative IDs and staff of international organisations.

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