Virtual exhibitions at Katara – the Cultural Village continue to provide an opportunity for Qatar’s creative community to showcase their works, including the recently launched “The Unreachable Mirage” by Qatari artist Masoud al-Bulushi.

Katara, as well as museums, heritage sites, and galleries in Qatar, have been hosting exhibitions and a number of art activities remotely since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. These efforts are in line with the state’s precautionary measures in preventing the spread of the virus.

Open until December 31 on Katara’s website, the solo exhibition features 20 unique and thought-provoking paintings which highlight a traditional veil used mostly by Arab women – the batoola.

Al-Bulushi’s latest works also reflect his keenness on this subject as depicted in many of his previous exhibitions in Qatar and other countries, including France, Britain, Cuba and Morocco, among others.

The artist, a member of Qatar Fine Arts Society and Souq Waqif Art Centre who won a series of awards, has a distinct style of infusing abstract and reality on his work.

He was awarded by the Qatar Fine Arts Association with the grand prize at the 2003 Youth Exhibition, in addition to the Ministry of Culture and Sports’ top award at the 2015 Second International Mini Art exhibition for visual arts.

Some of the artist’s solo exhibitions also include ‘Behind the Dark’ at Souq Waqif in 2011, ‘Al That’ at Katara in 2013, and a similar exhibition also titled “Unreachable Mirage” at W Doha’s Art29 art gallery, which displayed many of his exceptional works.

Apart from “The Unreachable Mirage”, Katara is also hosting a number of virtual exhibitions such as Qatari artist Hassan Bu Jassoum’s “Heritage”, Syrian contemporary artist Hadi Qasous’ “Patches”, Qatari artist Fatima al-Nuaimi’s “The Result”, Qatari Artist Ali Dasmal al-Kuwari’s “Al Taybeen”, and artist Hassan Taleb Alsalat’s “Culture Collusion”.

The “Heritage” exhibition underscores the importance of remembering the past through art while “Patches” presents 16 paintings that reflect the artist’s penchant for calligraphy and colour.

Virtual visitors can view al-Kuwari’s 17 paintings that focus on local architecture while “Cultures Collision” put a spotlight on popular cartoon characters with well-known Qatari/Arab landmarks on the backdrop.

These virtual initiatives also form part of Katara’s Summer Festival 2020 aimed at encouraging and inspiring the creative community in Qatar to take part and further enhance their skills through various activities and competitions.