Qatar: A story of success unfolded against adversity
June 05 2020 07:17 PM
Girish Kumar
Girish Kumar

Qatar has successfully overcome the unjust blockade with courage and determination, observed Girish Kumar, a prominent Indian community member and a former president of Indian Cultural Centre.
The senior engineer with Qatar Shell feels that it is the quality and determination of the leadership and the willpower of the people that made the country face such a drastic situation courageously and effectively.
"I deeply admire the leadership of the country under His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and its citizens for facing the situation cool-headed and with strong determination,”
According to him the expatriate community stood with the nation through the difficult times wholeheartedly and provided all the physical and emotional support to take the country to further heights.
“Our host nation has indeed seen the blockade as an opportunity for it to become self-sustainable and took all the necessary steps immediately. To achieve this, the leadership of the country adopted a very proactive method, making use of the contributions of citizens as well as the residents taking the country into self-sufficiency in several areas,” he explained.
According to Kumar, the blockade has made the world witness a successful transformation of a small country that was dependent on others for many of its needs to a self- reliant one in several areas. This, he thinks, is a lesson for other nations as Qatar has bounced back from an adverse situation and made it into an opportunity.
A resident of Qatar for the last 15 years, Kumar feels that the blockade has made the country self-dependent on several areas and assured the citizens and the residents that they are all safe and protected in the country. “ His Highness the Amir handled the situation very wisely to take the siege as a lesson and using it as a basis to move forward. The crisis was also a great wake up call to all the people of Qatar and they eagerly made use of the situation,” he notes.
“I see bigger opportunities for the country in the future. I also believe that the foundation of the country and its influence and connections with several regions of the world is strong enough to meet the needs of the people. The blockade has opened Qatar brand-new and bigger gates in the international pathways of trade and business. Health, education, and industrial sectors have witnessed huge developments in the last three years. A special mention of self-sufficiency in dairy products is highly timely with the establishment of Qatar's own dairy farm and associated products in such a short time,” he highlighted.
“The local companies were able to acquire multinational projects and also the country was able to flourish in the pharmaceutical sector. Moreover, most people here are equipped with a positive outlook in life and that's something that many countries must adopt from Qatar. The country has also become more resilient and the people stand more united.,” he continued.
Kumar feels that Qatar will remain a safe haven for the people and they will remain united to take the country forward.
“We have defeated the blockade and it shows the country's determination to stay strong and united no matter what obstacles lie ahead. Most importantly, I am sure that the residents of Qatar will continue to wholeheartedly support the vision of the leadership and help to take this country forward in its path of prosperity. I wish the nation continued prosperity and success in all its ventures,” he added.

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