Critically acclaimed Pakistani music producer Kashan Admani, who has worked alongside Pakistan’s top music talent, has produced a musical ensemble, comprising international and Pakistani musicians, among them Grammy award winning artists. 
The song, which carries anthemic undertones, and seeks to inspire and renew hope in face of the challenges facing the world in the year 2020, is appropriately called We Are One — a global musical collaboration that immediately reminds the listeners of We are the world.  
Talking to Community, Kashan said, “Covid-19 has changed the way we used to live our lives. Millions of people are getting hopeless due to the economic crisis and social isolation. The only thing that can keep their spirits uplifted is music. 
We Are One/Aae Khuda is for all of us — the global population affected by the pandemic. It is about giving hope to people and giving them a message that we are all in it together and we shall come out of it sooner or later.” 
He added: “It was a wonderful experience working on this project because musicians from all over the world joined in and all of them have a completely different sound. Using them all together was a challenge but a memorable experience. This is one-of-a-kind project initiated in Pakistan and I’m glad we’ve been able to pull it off.” 
The song entitled Ae Khuda — We Are One is a joint collaboration among international and Pakistani artists from 40 countries across the world. It features Grammy Award-winning American violinist Charlie Bisharat, who has earlier played for the soundtracks of countless Hollywood movies including Titanic and Transformers; Grammy nominee Simon Philips; bass virtuoso Stu Hamm; and percussionist Gumbi Ortiz from the US; multiple award winning Russian guitarist Roman Miroshnichenko; and Dr Palash Sen, the lead vocalist of Indian pop/rock band Euphoria and Taylor Simpson, American drummer for Junoon, to name a few.
The song also features famous Pakistani artists Najam Sheraz, Faakhir, Farhad Humayun, Maha Ali Kazmi, Bilal Ali (Kashmir The Band) and Farooq Ahmed (Aaroh).
Talking to Community, Maha Ali Kazmi described her experience as “a dream come true”. “To have worked alongside such highly acclaimed musicians from all over the world is something very special and close to my heart,” she said, adding, “the song instills a sense of hope, bringing so many musicians from such diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, to reinforce the message that, while we seek God’s blessings, we must unite in our efforts, as one human family, to face our challenges. This is our shared destiny”.
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