QM's virtual tour offers a more real visit to museums, galleries
May 29 2020 10:57 PM
NMoQ collections showcased on Google Arts & Culture
NMoQ collections showcased on Google Arts & Culture

A virtual tour to museums and galleries in Doha provides “a microscopic level of detail” of a wide range of collections compared to a usual visit, according to Qatar Museums (QM).
On its blog post, QM said the National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, are showcasing the magnificence of Arab art through Google Arts & Culture.
QM noted that online viewers “are able to go into a microscopic level of detail by zooming into the fascinating objects and see things that you couldn’t with the naked eye”.
High definition pictures of several artworks by different local and international artists from the three museums have become easily accessible to Qatar residents and people from across the globe, QM said.

MIA collections can be seen in detail online

Mathaf showcases several paintings online

MIA carpet collections on display online

Some of these collections from the MIA include the ‘Figurine of Cow and Calf’ (figurine) from Syria during the early 13th Century, the ‘Gilt-Bronze Fountainhead’ (sculpture) from Spain during 0975/1025, the ‘Carved and Painted Head’ (sculpture) from Iran during the 12th Century, the ‘Carved Ivory Oliphant’ (sculpture) from Italy during the 11th Century, The Schwarzenberg Carpet (carpet) from Iran during the 16th Century, and The Kevorkian Hyderabad Carpet from India during the 17th Century, among others.
NMoQ highlights five stories: Ideas that changed the world, The history of trade in Qatar, Gems from the collection of NMoQ and their global connections, Putting things into Con-textile, and Drawing on Talent, apart from several other collections such as necklaces, bowls and jars, maps, figurines, and textiles.
Meanwhile, Mathaf displays an array paintings, including ‘The Embroyo, the Child and the Bird #6’ by Ibrahim el-Salahi (1964); ‘River Scene on the Banks of the Tigris’ by Abdul Qadir al-Rassam (1920); ‘Arab Motherhood’ by Georges Sabbagh (1920/1921), and Unknown title by Abdul Qadir al-Rassam (1901).
These three museums in Qatar also held a number of online initiatives on their social media platforms such as live discussions, workshops, coaching sessions, book reading, and art crafts to engage viewers, especially families, who are staying home amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
QM, on its Instagram page, said that artists and enthusiasts can get advance copies (limited to 100) of ‘KAWS: He Eats Alone’ book following the internationally-renowned artist’s successful exhibition in Doha.
According to QM, “the book was designed by the New York studio 2x4 with an in-depth essay by the late Germano Celant, the publication presents a multilayered portrait of the exhibition, a journey with spectacular photography by Jonty Wilde, complemented by an array of supporting images, in an intriguing fold out structure.”
The book features major paintings and larger than life sculptures and highlights the comprehensive archive of toys and figures produced by KAWS since the beginning of his career, making it a must for collectors.
According to QM, the NMoQ book, which was released marking the museum’s first anniversary on March 28, can now be purchased through IN-Q website.

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