Robust digital ecosystem seen in Qatar after Covid-19 crisis
May 24 2020 08:19 PM marketing specialist Mufti Usman marketing specialist Mufti Usman

The country’s digital ecosystem is expected to witness a further expansion, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic, a specialist of a Qatar-based online marketplace has said.

Due to social distancing policies and other stringent health and safety protocols, among other reasons, people have turned towards digital technology to cope with the day-to-day challenges of the health crisis.

In Qatar, technology and e-commerce companies are making every effort to address the demand for a wide range of products and digital services, which have been steadily increasing since the coronavirus contagion, said Mufti Usman, the marketing specialist of

“Many digital projects and e-commerce companies, as well as online marketplaces are experiencing positive growth because of the pandemic. After this crisis, there will emerge a stronger e-commerce ecosystem in Qatar. We will witness online stores emerging as a sale channel for all the current offline stores and stronger e-commerce marketplaces,” Usman told Gulf Times.

Because of health and safety concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic, Usman pointed out that people in Qatar are now going online for their shopping needs. He said customers now prefer to do more of online shopping and are giving more preference to digital marketplaces to buy their requirements while at home.

“Due to the current scenario, people around the world are moving towards online shopping and e-commerce, which has been growing steadily in Qatar. As soon as people felt the impact of the crisis on their day-to-day lives, they started to purchase groceries and other products and necessities online,” Usman explained.

To address this need and to offer a wide variety of shopping options, Usman said recently partnered with Family Food Centre (FFC), Retail Mart, Indian Supermarket, and New Grand Mart. He said is offering local businesses an opportunity to list on its platform with zero listing fees, allowing loyal customers to continue shopping with them.

As a marketplace, Nedina does not only cater to hypermarkets but to other categories from pet accessory stores, electronics, to flower shops, allowing customers “to buy everything,” said Usman, adding that more stores have approached the company.

Usman stressed that from a digital perspective, is “cutting down all the geographical barriers by offering customers all their favourite hypermarkets, stores, and products on a single page.”

Last updated: May 24 2020 08:21 PM

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