*Libsear military field hospital on Al Sheehaniya- Dukhan Road has 504 single rooms

Providing the best care for Covid-19 recovered male patients in Qatar, a new field hospital with 504 beds - all single rooms - has been opened at Al Sheehaniya.

“The Libsear military field hospital located near Al Sheehaniya- Dukhan Road has started receiving patients,” said Dr Abdullah Rasheed al-Naimi, clinical lead of the hospital on Wednesday.

The facility, built in two weeks’ time, already has about 100 Covid-19 recovered patients.

“The hospital, built under the initiative of HE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defence Affairs Dr Khalid bin Mohamed al-Attiyah, is a collaboration between the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Public Health,” he explained at a press conference.

“The Ministry of Defence proposed this place to build a field hospital to manage and support Covid-19 cases in the country. We evaluated the place just three weeks ago and found it quite suitable.

“This complex consists of an administration building and two main buildings meant for the recovered patients. Each building has 252 beds. They are all completely private rooms with attached toilets.”

The official said that currently in Qatar there are four major hospitals for treating Covid-19 patients. “Now we have Covid-19 treatment hospitals and non-Covid-19 hospitals. Four big hospitals have been designated exclusively for treating Covid -19 cases. In addition, we have facilities such as these around the country that help Covid-19 recovered patients,” he continued.

There are about 70 medical staff working at the hospital including 20 doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff.

“When Covid-19 patients are discharged from a hospital, they go home and stay in quarantine. There might be some patients who need some more time to recover fully and they are directed to this place. In such cases, many of them will complete the fourteen days of quarantine here before they head for their places,” noted Dr al-Naimi.

“We can receive about 60 patients a day here. Upon completion of the 14-day period, they are swabbed and on finding them negative for Covid-19, they are sent home,” he added.

Libsear military field hospital is the second facility of its kind opened in Qatar recently. A few days ago a 200-bed field general hospital was opened for the workers in the Industrial Area, including emergency and outpatient services as well as a Covid- 19 observation facility.