An Indian expatriate who has recovered from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has profusely thanked the government of Qatar for the efficiency of its healthcare system that enabled his speedy recovery.
“I am extremely thankful to the government of Qatar for the great support and care for me during these testing times, right from the diagnosis to the whole cycle of the healing process,” an ecstatic Madhu Nooranad told Gulf Times.
“I was given the best medical care and the doctors and nurses were always at hand to help me recover fast. They treated me with so much care and provided me with all my needs. Thank you Qatar,” he said.
Nooranad, who works as an electronics technician in a private firm, has recovered fully from Covid-19 and is under post-recovery observation for another fortnight at a specially designed facility set up by the government.
In his mid-40s, Nooranad, had accompanied some of his friends returning to Qatar to be taken to quarantine and was tested by the health authorities.
“I had never thought I had this disease. I was suffering from sore throat and thought it was due to climate change. I had to take some of my friends who had returned to Qatar to quarantine. I got tested along with them. My test results turned to be positive and I was immediately taken to the hospital,” he noted.
“If they had not tested me, I would have continued carrying the disease and spread it to more people. This shows the importance of testing for the disease and the efficiency of Qatar government in tackling the disease,” said Nooranad.
The Indian expatriate says that he got the best treatment and care that one can imagine and feels that it is due to the efficiency of the healthcare system in Qatar that he was able to recover from the disease so fast.
“Everyone at the hospital is being treated equally. Every doctor, every nurse took personal care and provided us with every medication and mental support. Though, it was slightly difficult for me to adjust to the situation in the beginning, I soon felt home due to the excellent care given by the medical staff. They also provided us with very healthy food and other requirements every time,” he explained.
“Though my family members were very anxious about my safety in the beginning, later they understood that I was in safe hands. We had free high speed internet facility and I was in constant touch with my family during these days over video call and they were very happy to know about my fast recovery. I feel, I was fortunate enough to spend my treatment time in a very pleasant way," he said.
According to Nooranad, it is the responsibility of every individual to protect oneself and the community from this global pandemic. “Everyone must strictly follow the instructions given by the Ministry of Public Health and the government of Qatar. Prevention is always the best way to counter this disease and it is our moral responsibility to prevent its spread for the country and the whole world,” he urged.
“Moreover, there is no need to panic about the disease. The healthcare system in the country gives the best care and the treatment is given in a very pleasant and homely atmosphere. Our every needs and requests are followed up and taken care of. Please take care of yourself so that the disease is not spread widely and the country gets rid of the disease as early as possible,” he added.
“We get free proper clothing and food, very nutritious and delicious food and that too Indian food. Moreover, we get clothes, bathing towels, toothpaste, tooth brush and everything else. I call my family over video and speak and interact with them at least once a day. All my needs are taken care of, Thank you Qatar,” he concluded.