*Constant sanitation and cleaning at staff accommodations are also being implemented for the safety of all employees

Major hypermarkets and supermarkets in Doha have reassured consumers of a sanitised and clean environment at their stores and in delivering online orders as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Speaking to Gulf Times, LuLu Group International regional manager Shanavas PM said they are handling all food and non-food items with utmost care and safety from the stockroom to the shelves of every store, ensuring supplies are clean and free from any contamination.

He stressed that LuLu has been implementing all possible measures of the highest standard at every store across the country for employees and shoppers' safety.

LuLu’s campaign also includes promoting “proper hygiene and cleanliness at every possible juncture, starting from disinfecting constantly all areas of its facilities, as well as equipment, that come in wider contact.”

Temperature of employees and merchandisers, among other staff, are also checked and monitored from their accommodations and as they arrive at stores.

Apart from LuLu stores, Shavanas said they also regularly clean and sanitise in detail every corner of staff villas for the safety of all.

Regular temperature checks

Meanwhile, as the demand for hand sanitisers continue to surge, he said that they will be available soon.

Other hypermarkets also continue to take additional measures to help deal with the Covid-19 outbreak, as advised by the Ministry of Public Health.

Monoprix regional general manager Sebastien Farhat told Gulf Times that they sanitise all Monoprix stores and staff accommodations daily – from hallways to rooms and toilets, among other areas of these buildings.

He said temperature checks are also in place and conducted regularly, from drivers and delivery support crew to the regular staff of the company, aimed at excluding those who have signs of illnesses and limiting exposure to all in the facility.

“We are among the most sanitised and hygienic stores in Qatar. Monoprix stores are the safest place to shop in Qatar,” Farhat said.

Pictures and videos sent to Gulf Times showed that appliances and equipment at accommodations such as washing machines, water dispensers, chairs, doors and doorknobs, and steel bars, among others, are all being sanitised regularly.

At every store, trolleys, shelves, steel bars, and various equipment, as well as surfaces, are also santised while staff are seen using and changing gloves regularly.

Hand sanitisers are also kept in relevant areas at stores and staff accommodations for people to use.

Carrefour, in an email to its customers recently, said: “At Carrefour, we are committed to the well-being of our customers, colleagues and the community we operate in. Providing a safe and hygienic shopping environment and home delivery is key to that commitment and we have put in place some additional measures to ensure your peace of mind.”

“As always, orders are prepared in a quality-controlled, clean environment. Sanitation of all surfaces has been amplified and staff are required to wear a mask and gloves while preparing your order,” the statement added. “For your peace of mind, our drivers are also required to wear gloves when delivering to you.”

Such initiatives were echoed by many residents who recently shopped at these stores saying that they find the shelves, as well as the flooring and other surfaces, neat while items are well-ordered.

“We feel safe while shopping at these supermarkets and other grocery stores, and we are thankful that they continue to operate with enough stocks for consumers during these trying times,” said a Filipino expatriate who bought mostly food items at LuLu D Ring Road.

He stressed that these efforts are laudable and can be replicated by others in other countries dealing with the pandemic.

Earlier, Al Meera also implemented various measures and hygiene practices to ensure the safety of its customers and employees from Covid-19 by constantly cleaning and sanitising its stores.

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