Major hypermarkets in Doha have reassured residents that sufficient groceries and a wide range of fresh food supplies are readily available in each of their branches in the country.
LuLu regional manager Shanavas P M told Gulf Times that they have replenished all the grocery supplies, particularly essential items such as rice, sugar and oils, as well as dairy products, at all LuLu outlets in Qatar.
A large number of shoppers thronged several stores in Doha on Monday after announcements to temporarily suspend arrivals from 14 countries and suspend classes from March 10 were issued, he said.

“Now the situation is back to normal,” the LuLu official said, stressing that there is no need for panic buying as LuLu has enough stocks for more than two months.
As LuLu filled the shelves of its branches with grocery supplies Tuesday, many customers were able to shop with ease and without long queues near the counters.
In a visit to different hypermarkets, it was seen that food items, including fish, and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as frozen meat and vegetable, were also available in large quantities.
A long-time staff of a major hypermarket in Qatar told Gulf Times that they were prepared for a scenario “where people tend to rush to stores and buy more than the usual.”
“It’s normal to see empty shelves when these things happen but there is nothing to worry since we have ample stocks in our warehouse and supplies are always available in plenty,” he said.
A customer in one of the hypermarkets at Al Hilal said she was able to get all the stuff for her family and children Tuesday without any issues.
“Eggs, rice, sugar, milk, cereals, chocolates, and bread, everything is here, I wasn’t surprised because I was confident that hypermarkets are well-prepared for this,” she added, as she encouraged shoppers not to engage in panic buying.
She said that in some cases, she also place orders online using mobile apps of LuLu and Carrefour, which she also find convenient and time-saving.
Shanavas said there is a huge demand for online grocery shopping in Qatar, citing a 100% increase in the number of orders in the past few months.
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