While Qatar is among the safest countries in the world when it comes to the risk of disasters, the country is continuously working to implement effective measures and preventive response against disasters aimed at minimising their impact on lives and infrastructure, Qatar's Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) chairman HE Abdullah bin Nasser Turki al-Subaey has said.

Speaking at the opening of the 11th Gulf Seismic Forum on Monday, HE al-Subaey highlighted Qatar’s preparedness in case natural calamities such as earthquakes hit the country.

He said the Qatar Seismic Network, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and with its nine seismic stations (three are deep measuring over 100m), provides critical data which can be used to monitor, assess and manage seismic risks.

“The Qatar Seismic Network was established in 2014 for us to be able to monitor and see the first seismic signals and to disseminate information and issue warnings on time with regards to these (seismic) manifestations to save people’s lives,” al-Subaey said, stressing that Qatar remains to be safe from natural phenomenon like earthquakes.

He noted that QCAA, represented by the Qatar Meteorology Department, is closely working and co-ordinating with the Permanent Emergency Committee, as well as other sectors of the State, by updating and sharing information, among others, as part of its efforts to be fully prepared for any eventuality.

HE al-Subaey lauded the competence and efficiency of the people who are exerting efforts to do their duties, which contribute to achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.

The QCAA also underlined the importance of organising an event such as the Gulf Seismic Forum, which serves as a platform to exchange expertise, knowledge, and information, as well as the latest developments in seismology and seismic engineering, aimed at reducing disaster risks and impacts.

Apart from discussing an array of issues and topics, the three-day forum will also present more than 65 research papers and studies on seismology and earthquake engineering, among others.

Abdulla Mohamed al-Mannai, director of the Meteorology Department at QCAA, echoed HE al-Subaey’s statement saying that this forum serves as an opportunity to tackle key issues and have deeper understanding on natural disasters, and come up with early warning facilities for preventive measures.

He also cited Qatar Seismic Network’s role in monitoring and following the latest developments in seismology and seismic engineering globally.

Al-Mannai also underlined the importance of raising awareness and educating residents on earthquakes and disaster preparedness.

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