Barwa Bank announces November draw winners of Thara’a account
November 19 2019 01:29 AM
Barwa Bank
Barwa Bank

Barwa Bank has announced the names of the most recent round of draw winners for Thara’a, its Shariah-compliant savings account, at the bank’s headquarters.
Tamim al-Shaiba and Ayad Aldulaimi each won a cash prize of QR10,000.
Cash prizes worth QR5,000 each were also awarded to Abdullattif Almana, Daleen Alkhatib, Khalid al-Kuwari, Ichraf Maaouia, Oamar al-Mulla, Abdulla al-Subaey, Hussain al-Jaber, Fatima al-Mahmoud, Saif al-Fadala, Kayingil Abdutty, Eleen Elbatneagy, Nawras Alakhhras, Jabor al-Ajji, Abdulla Alemadi, Aisha Jolo, Saleh al-Musallem, Hanin Aldulaimi, Hussain al-Mulla, Abdulwahab Omar, Yousif al-Abdulla, Abdulla Alkhulaifi, Jassim al-Sulaiti, Nasser al-Hajri, Abdulla Mutheeb, Hayah Alhajree, Ajnas Jabar, Amal al-Atteya, Abdulla Althahre, Nasser al-Mohanadi, Nabil Ahmed, Dheya al-Naimi, Ahmad Aldarwish, Mohamed al-Kubaisi, Ahmed Arafat, Fakhri Shaat, Khalid Yousif, Azeema Khan, Maryam al-Kubaisi, Jaralla al-Maari, Yamin Mustafa, Miel Samson, and Tariq Amarneh.
The draw was conducted under the supervision of a representative from the qualitative licence and market control department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
On a monthly basis, there are 42 winners per draw for the cash prize of QR5,000 each, as well as two winners per draw for the cash prize of QR10,000.
Quarterly, there are two winners per draw for the cash prize of QR25,000 each, and two winners per draw for the cash prize of QR50,000 each.
Yearly, there would be one winner for the grand prize of QR1mn.
There would be a total of 365 winners, with cash prizes adding up to up to QR3.29mn.
Coupled with cash prizes and a reward scheme, Thara’a is a product full of value-added benefits and services.
Thara’a offers account holders access to Barwa Bank’s innovative banking channels.
Customers may learn about the many benefits of Thara’a savings account by visiting or by calling 8008555.

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