Aspetar leader in sports medicine: FIFA official
November 13 2019 10:11 PM
Dr Michel D’Hooghe
Dr Michel D’Hooghe

A top FIFA official has described Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, as the leader in sports medicine.
“First of all, Aspetar is an example of high level care in prevention, diagnosis and therapy in sports related injuries. People get first class care in this facility. It is a great sport medicine hospital,” Dr Michel D’Hooghe, chair of the FIFA Medical Committee, told Gulf Times.
He was speaking on the sidelines of a two-day workshop for the football team doctors of Asian and European Champions League that started Wednesday.
"Secondly, it is a place for educational activities. The hospital shares a lot of information and expertise all over the world. They have a great journal that gives insights into several areas related to sports medicine. Therefore, I would say Aspetar is a leader in football and sport medicine,” continued Dr D’Hooghe.
The FIFA official also noted that the prevailing weather conditions in Doha are very pleasant and perfectly suitable for the World Cup in 2022.
“Three years from now, Qatar will be hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The weather conditions here now are very pleasant and it will be very good one for the championship that starts in November 2022. As the chairman of the medical committee for FIFA, I have always argued that the World Cup in Doha should take place in such period of the year,” explained Dr D’Hooghe.
The FIFA official also maintained that having a facility like Aspetar is an added advantage for Doha to host the World Cup. “The medical and paramedical facilities at the Aspetar are unique. The facility is an added advantage for the country as it is hosting the World Cup here and can help prepare the players well with its unique facilities.”
As for the workshop, Dr D’Hooghe said that it explores the relation between a team doctor, the players, the coach, the club among other factors.
“It provides details of the approach of the team doctors to prevention, therapy, diagnosis of injuries. It is a forum to exchange and share their opinion, experiences and expertise. Prevention of injuries is an important aspect in sports medicine, probably the, most important element. The workshop is a sharing and learning experience,” he highlighted.
“Aspetar has a great reputation and great experience and expertise. It is well known all over the world and is the leading centre for sports medicine. Qatar can be very proud of such a facility,” added Dr D’Hooghe.

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