Ukrainian companies to showcase expertise at Hospitality Qatar
November 11 2019 10:23 PM
Qatar-Ukraine Business Forum founder & chairperson Dr Olga Revina
Qatar-Ukraine Business Forum founder & chairperson Dr Olga Revina. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam.

Leading companies from Ukraine representing the tourism and hospitality sectors will be showcasing industry expertise at the three-day Hospitality Qatar, which opens Tuesday at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC).
This was revealed by Dr Olga Revina, the founder and chairperson of the Qatar-Ukraine Business Forum (QUBF), who said two major Ukrainian travel operators and 11 companies from different hospitality-related sectors are seeking to network with their Qatari counterparts during the exhibition.
“This is the first time that Ukraine is participating in Hospitality Qatar and our companies are very keen and looking forward to meet with potential partners in the country. The QUBF will also host a session that introduces the incentives offered by Qatar to the delegates,” Revina told Gulf Times.
Since it was officially licensed with the Qatar Financial Centre Authority in 2018, Revina said the QUBF has been working to facilitate bilateral, sustainable partnerships across all industries via trade and investment, and the transferring of innovations and technology, as well as sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all stakeholders.
“QUBF has affiliated partners in Ukraine to consolidate professional efforts for exploring mutually-beneficial opportunities to fuel economic interactions. QUBF set up a socially-integrated vision to become a highly-reputed business council for making an essential contribution in enhancing economic ties between Qatar and Ukraine.
“Having profound knowledge and acting in line with global tendencies, QUBF’s founders have elaborated programmes to promote the latest trends, world-class expertise, and innovations to increase the speed of Qatar-Ukraine partnerships, in collaboration with the key organisations in both countries. With the close support of the Ukraine Embassy in Qatar, the QUBF acts as a unique channel for privileged dialogue between Qatar and Ukraine business communities and other institutions,” Revina stressed.
Aside from the hospitality sector, Revina said Ukraine is also seeking joint partnerships in other sectors, such as agriculture, food production, machine building, advanced IT solutions, cybersecurity, fashion, renewable energy, health, and Fintech, among others.
“Ukraine is known as an agricultural country, but we are also quite advanced in a wide range of sectors. Ukraine can offer Qatar so many competitive products. The QUBF also understands the need to create more awareness of the strengths and opportunities available in Qatar and Ukraine, which is why we want to bridge that gap to enhance economic, and cultural relations of both countries,” Revina said.
According to Revina, the QUBF is promoting Qatar as an export hub for many Ukrainian industries. She said there is a huge potential for joint partnerships between Qatari and Ukrainian companies, especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.
“We are aware of the government’s initiatives to promote the ‘Made in Qatar’ trademark, which the QUBF is keen to support by developing joint ventures with Qatari manufacturing companies to enable them to produce a wide range of goods using Ukrainian expertise and technology.
“The QUBF is encouraging companies in Ukraine to consider Qatar not only as a destination for Ukrainian goods, but also as an export hub for products jointly-manufactured here in the country. Ukraine has advanced technologies, which could be brought to Qatar to support the development and growth of its manufacturing sector,” Revina pointed out.

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