Qatar University (QU), represented by the College of Engineering, has launched a specialised training programme for industrial applications using drones, as part of its initiative (Digital Qatar), which is part of the efforts towards digital transformation at the university, and to keep up with the state's trends towards smart cities.
The programme, which is the first of its kind at the university, is attended by local and international specialists and experts in the field of two-dimensional survey using aerial photography via drones.
This training programme aims to enable the trainees to obtain real dimensions of the infrastructure with high accuracy, and to introduce the mechanisms of aerial surveying and the most important modern techniques used to take high-quality aerial photographs for facilities, buildings, bridges, lighting poles and any above-ground installations, petrochemical factories, oil and gas platforms and agricultural sites.
The training programme reviewed the most important applications of drones in the industry, such as aerial lifting using thermal cameras to identify the defects of concrete structures or leaks in oil and gas lines, and the detection of defects in power plants, generators, and other useful applications in various industries.
In a statement, College of Engineering dean Dr Khalid Kamal Naji said that the training comes within the framework of the initiative of the College of Engineering (Digital Qatar), which is an important project for digital transformation at Qatar University, adding that this project will be adopted by the college in co-operation with various departments such as the Department of Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Industrial and Electrical. 
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