The 19th World Congress of Criminology devoted one of its sessions Wednesday to discussing crime and domestic violence in relation to the security of States, and highlighted some global experiences in this area.
The session witnessed a presentation on national efforts in promoting international peace and security, guaranteeing the rights of women and children, eliminating all forms of discrimination and adopting successful policies to reduce domestic violence.
Dr Deehring Melissa from the College of Law at Qatar University, in a working paper entitled "crime and women: the agenda of peace and security in Qatar," presented a number of successes achieved by the State of Qatar at these levels locally and globally.
Dr Deehring Melissa said that Qatar has succeeded in ending and containing many conflicts around the world, including the one that prevailed in Sudan's Darfur region. She also referred to other mediation efforts in resolving international disputes, saying this indicates the importance of national efforts stemming from principled positions that call for peace and promote regional and international stability.
She added that Qatar has been praised by the international community for its role in resolving many thorny international issues, easing tension in international relations and contributing to the maintenance of international peace and security, in addition to hosting conferences, meetings and workshops on promoting international peace and security.
She pointed out that Qatar is one of the countries that have acceded to the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children and has guaranteed women's rights and freedom, emphasising that women's empowerment has a multiplier effect and helps drive economic growth and development in all areas.
She said that Qatar has worked on the implementation of item 16 of the sustainable development related to the consolidation of peace and justice and building strong institutions, while noting the national, local and international initiatives in the field of education and the advancement of women, which contribute to the promotion of peace and security in societies.
During the same session, participants reviewed the experiences of a number of countries in fighting crimes, and establishing justice and human rights, notably Italy, Bangladesh, India and Nigeria.
The last day of the congress witnessed four sessions on various topics, including juvenile delinquency, criminal justice, human rights, prosecution, governance and prevention in South Asia, and other themes related to crime and domestic violence.
The 19th World Congress of Criminology, being held for the first time in the Middle East, is the first global event that brings together the best academics, professionals, policymakers and representatives from the security and legal sectors to discuss crime and delinquency issues, and ways to address them through legal legislation, criminal justice and other means.
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