Qatar residents and visitors, especially artists and enthusiasts, will have the opportunity to see and explore the works of Iraqi artist Omar al-Shahabi at Anima Gallery at The Pearl-Qatar from today until October 30, it was announced.
This unique show, titled ‘Transition by Omar al-Shahabi’, is one of the artist’s solo exhibitions, including one at Qatar Society of Fine Arts in 2014, Foresight Art-Gallery in Amman (2013), French Cultural Centre in Damascus (2007), and Broadway Gallery in Amman (2005).
“Al-Shahabi’s paintings reflect the complex human configurations, always on the move… in solitude or in an overcrowded space,” Anima said in a press statement announcing a preview reception today (September 30).
Anima, established in March 2012, focuses on two main areas: exhibitions, art consulting and execution. It represents emerging, mid-career and established artists working in a broad range of styles and mediums, featuring paintings, sculptures, installations and all other contemporary forms of art. 
“Al-Shahabi’s figures are playful reminding us of Aladdin’s magic lamp and other fairy tales, yet through the multiple gazing faces we travel back through the tunnel of transition,” Anima added. “We are in a constant state of transition. Childhood memories, disappointments, triumphs and emotions among others, create a fusion.”
The artist, born in Iraq in 1983 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Baghdad University in 2007, lives and works in Qatar.
Al-Shahabi also participated in a number of group exhibitions with other artists at Anima (2018), Al Markhiya Gallery (2018), Katara – the Cultural Village (2017), Al Markhiya Gallery (2017), Qatar Society of Fine Arts (2014), Katara (2014), Qatar Performing  Arts  Society (2013), Qatar Racing & Equestrian Club Doha(2011), Iraqi Ministry of Culture (Baghdad 2007), BroadwayGallery (Amman 2006), Youth artists from Jordan Broadway gallery (Amman 2005), Baghdad University(Iraq 2004), and Institute of Fine Arts (Baghdad 2001).
“The train of life goes quickly, passing stations that will remain in memory… In each station, there are new faces, new experiences. Some will stay and others will leave,” said the artist in a statement about this exhibition, ‘Transition’.
“Each station is a transition. A transition from yesterday to tomorrow, a transition from what was, to will come, a transition from what we were, to what we will become,” he added.