beGREEN-QATAR and the University of Northampton celebrated their agreement to train and qualify engineers and professionals in Qatar. The agreement seeks to enhance academic and professional development in the field of engineering and sustainable environment.

Sheikh Dr Saud al-Thani, CEO, beGREEN-Qatar and Prof John Sinclair, Dean of the College of Arts, Science and Technology at the University of Northampton, UK, signed a co-operation agreement in this regard to train and certify professionals from Qatar.

On the occasion, Sheikh Dr Saud said, "Our aim is to develop the skills of engineers in Qatar training them on cutting-edge technology and under the supervision of internationally renowned professors in different fields. Initially, we will regularly hold training and professional development courses for engineers and professionals, wishing to know more or specialise in Building Information Modelling (BIM). These upcoming courses will be accredited by the University of Northampton, granting participants certificates from the University after passing the designated exams.”

Sheikh Soud added that the training courses will be conducted in co-ordination with the local authorities and the relevant engineering institutions, societies and associations in Qatar.

BIM is a burgeoning field in the Middle East and is one of the most important building technologies today. The BIM technology develops two- or three-dimensional models for the construction and infrastructure projects. These models allow engineers working in construction projects greater latitude of flexibility, ease of work, accuracy in execution and speed in completion.

Northampton University is a research university offering a wide range of undergraduate degrees, foundation degrees, diplomas and a variety of postgraduate opportunities up to the doctoral level. The University also patrons continuing technical education, mainly to develop the skills of professionals in several technology and engineering fields. The University regularly holds an advanced ranking as one of the UK's best "value added" universities.

Course registration will be open soon and will be available year-round. The first training course will be held in November of this year in the presence of professors from the University of Northampton for several days. It was also agreed to "develop research projects on topics with special importance to the professional and economic prospects of Qatar and the Qatari society, as well as expanding the scope and number of training courses to include various disciplines, all being certified/accredited by the same British university."

beGREEN-Qatar is a local developer of several technologies with relevance to the sustainable development in Qatar; areas such as air conditioning, transportation, and urban planning. Vocational training is the latest addition to the company's operations towards a more sustainable environment in Qatar.

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