Qatar’s initiatives to transform small and medium businesses into digital enterprises have drawn more SMEs to utilise and benefit from the country’s world-class IT infrastructure, according to an industry expert.

According to Trans Media International managing director Rajesh Nair, Qatar’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are gaining wider ground because of the country’s IT infrastructure, which is considered among the top rated in the world.

“The use of digital technology and excellent infrastructure provided by Qatar is phenomenal and has made life easy for SMEs in terms of better connectivity and communication, which is the key to success of any business,” Nair told Gulf Times on Saturday.

“The Qatar government’s initiative is laudable in bringing essential eservices online and also via the introduction of apps for end users. This has definitely drawn more SMEs to use this infrastructure and experience quality service,” continued Nair, whose company is one of the strategic partners of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MoTC) for its ongoing ‘Digital Transformation of Small & Medium Business Enterprises’ (DTSME) initiative.

Aside from the government, Nair also lauded private sector initiatives such as the roll-out of 5G infrastructure across the country by Qatar’s telecommunications networks, which, he said, would “redefine connectivity and communication, as well as enhancing people’s way of life and conduct of business in Qatar.”

“5G technology will enable faster wireless Internet in all the applications people use. It is supposed to be a powerful technology with higher speed, less latency, capacity for a larger number of connected devices, and better efficiency as compared to 4G,” Nair pointed out.

Asked to evaluate Qatar’s SME ecosystem in terms of digitisation and use of technology, Nair said: “After being closely associated with the Qatar market for over a decade in digital and online marketing, I am of the opinion that the SMEs interest and engagement in this area have been very encouraging and their implementation of latest digital technology to enhance their business and reach out to their customers is going to serve their purpose in a big way.”

He added: “We strongly appreciate and believe in the vision of the MoTC to empower all the SMEs to achieve their technology goals. We are happy to partner with the ministry in order to support the growth of SMEs by guiding them to use of the latest digital technology available.

“It is a great step taken by MoTC to enhance the knowledge of digital technology of the SMEs. The DTSME programme will be instrumental in keeping the SMEs informed about the latest developments in the digital world and updated services offered by the service providers.”

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