The shooting at a mosque near Oslo is being treated as an ‘attempted act of terror’, Norwegian police said Sunday, with the suspect appearing to harbour far-right, anti-immigrant views.

‘We are looking at an attempted act of terror,’ acting chief of the police operation Rune Skjold told a press conference after Saturday's incident left one man injured.

Skjold said the investigation had shown that the man appeared to hold ‘far-right’ and ‘anti-immigrant’ views.

The suspect, armed with multiple weapons, opened fire in the mosque in Baerum, a suburb of Oslo, on Saturday afternoon, before being overpowered by a man who suffered ‘minor injuries’ in the process.

Hours after the attack, the body of a young woman related to the suspect was found in a home also in Baerum.

Police said earlier Sunday they had tried to question the suspect, described as a ‘young man’ with a ‘Norwegian background’ who was living in the vicinity but he did not want to ‘give an explanation to police’.

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