The Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs, represented by the Department of Mosques, has opened a new mosque at Aba Al Heeran. Spread over an area of 6,410 sq m, the mosque can accommodate 350 male and female worshipers, according to an official statement from Awqaf.

The opening of the new mosque by Mohamed Hamad Khatam al-Mahshadi al-Maadheed comes within Awqaf’s plan to expand the number of mosques in all regions of the country, keeping pace with urban and population growth, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

With number MS 1409, the mosque has a main prayer hall with space for 300 male worshippers in addition to a women’s hall for 50 worshippers.

The mosque also includes a spacious ablution place in addition to a large number of public parking lots, several of which are allocated to persons with disabilities.

The entrances and exits of the mosque are disability-friendly. The mosque also has a tall minaret.

The Department of Engineering Affairs at the ministry is concerned with fulfilling the needs of the regions in the country for mosques and prayer grounds while providing temporary mosques and supervising their preservation as well as preparing the annual plan for the maintenance of mosques and imams’ residences. These are in coordination with the competent authorities.

For mosque designs, the department takes into account the requirements of different areas along with the guidelines for green and sustainable buildings.

Also, the department focuses on the conditions for sustainability in the use of electricity and water, and preserving the aesthetics of heritage in designs that reflect the authenticity of Qatari and Islamic heritage by the highest standards.

The ministry's plans to build mosques also take into account the population density map along with engineering, architectural specifications and the heritage aspect within the framework of caring for the mosques to perform worship and to serve the worshippers.

Awqaf’s website provides the facility to search for mosque locations geographically, according to the global navigation system, through accurate and specific maps that facilitate access to mosque locations in all cities across the country.
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