*Summer Entertainment City set to reopen on Aug 9 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre

The Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) has played a key role in fostering an upbeat atmosphere in the country during the summer season, an official of QSports has said.

On June 4, the QNTC launched the ‘Summer in Qatar’ (SiQ) programme 2019, which offers different types of events and activities to people staying in the country during the summer break.

The SiQ “is part of the council’s wider strategy to diversify Qatar’s tourism offerings, and develop sustainable options throughout the year,” QNTC stated in a previous media statement.

Part of the SiQ programme is the ‘Summer Entertainment City’ (SEC), spearheaded by QSports, in collaboration with QNTC. SEC witnessed a tremendous run from June 4 to July 13, attracting almost 60,000 people. It is set to reopen on August 9 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre in time for Eid al-Adha, it was announced recently.

“The QNTC has been playing a vital role in offering people in Qatar with more options to enjoy the summer season. The types of options that it has prepared for the local community are exceptional,” SEC head of Business Development Unit Aya Kassab told Gulf Times on Sunday.

Kassab noted that this year’s activities are very different compared to what people experienced in 2018.

“Aside from shopping extravaganzas, the SiQ programme is highlighted by back-to-back performances, a lot of bands are coming in, as well as comedians, and of course, the Summer Entertainment City, which is getting bigger and bigger every year,” she continued.

For those who did not travel abroad this summer, Kassab said the QNTC had made sure that residents got “the whole entertainment package to assure that those staying in the country would really enjoy the summer.”

Earlier, QNTC’s Khalid al-Jumaili attributed SiQ’s success to the council’s many partners for the programme, comprising more than 30 stakeholders.

Al-Jumaili said SiQ 2019 is a product of public and private sector collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Qatar Airways, Katara – the Cultural Village, Qatar Foundation, Private Engineering Office, Katara Hospitality, Al Rayyan Hospitality, Marriott International Hotels, as well as nine participating malls, and other event partners, including QSports, Social Studios, Alchemy, and Radio One FM Qatar.

On the SEC’s reopening this coming Friday, al-Jumaili said he is optimistic that the observance of Eid al-Adha will usher in a large footfall to the Entertainment City, which will offer different types of amusement rides, live entertainment shows, skills games, video games including virtual reality, as well as a wide choice of food stalls and retail shops.

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