From the moment Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui and Asim Raza announced that they were making a rom-com feature film starring Sheheryar along with Maya Ali, it was a safe bet that it would be one of the most glitz-glam film of the year. Now, the first trailer for the drama, Paray Hut Love is here to confirm it. We see a stellar cast of characters in the film, featuring Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar, Zara Noor Abbas, Hina DIlpazir, Asad Siddiqui, Nadeem Baig, Ahmed Ali Butt, Sonya Jehan, Frieha Altaf, Faheem Azam and Shahbaz Shigri among others.
The trailer opens with various visuals of grandeur, beautiful landscapes and wedding decorations. Sheheryaar Munawar wakes up from a nightmare and then we see him introducing himself as a struggling actor, in search of a role to Nadeem Baig’s character. He is later seen rehearsing a scene with Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui who is paired opposite Ahmed Ali Butt in the love story. We also see the famous Momo aka Hina Dilpazir in this bit of the trailer.
Sheheryar is a drama actor searching for a role of a lifetime and isn’t too keen to fall in love or get hitched. Munawar’s character is no different from men his age who fear the idea of marriage until they meet the ‘perfect one’. For Munawar it is Saniya played by Maya Ali who will change his perception as she plays his love interest in the film. But, the story takes a steep turn when Saniya reveals that she is engaged to Hassan (played by Shahbaz Shigri). Sheheryaar is seen questioning Maya about their relationship, which is followed by the scenes of a funeral.
A lot is happening in this trailer, leaving one with conflicting feelings about the story-line: boy meets girl, girl is already engaged to someone else, boy falls in love with girl, girl warns him to not fall in love with her and the rest is a typical desi love story with different musical scores and fancy set-up.
But if you look at the snippets of the story than that we felt has nothing new to offer as it is a romance based movie and where we agree that Shehryar is indeed a good looking star and a diverse actor, he definitely falls short in the scene where he is upset with Maya’s character when he discovers that she is already engaged and misread too much in to their relationship .
Apart from Ali and Munawar’s on-screen chemistry, there are cameos that will definitely pull audiences to cinema houses this Eid ul Azha. We see Meera in a shaadi number and it sure looks engaging. Mahira’s performance is something that cannot me missed; we have a feeling that she is playing an actress here. A sneak peek of Mahira Khan’s look in the trailer leaves you awe-struck and wanting more. 
She is seen in a heavily embellished red number that made everyone swoon.  Mahira donned the scarlet ensemble which was decked out in glistening jewellery for her dancing debut in the trailer.  But, apparently the get-up was very ‘heavy’ for the diva, which she admitted to her Twitter fans recently. “This dress was so heavy that it gave me vertigo,” Mahira tweeted.
Last but not the least, Fawad Khan speaks one dialogue sharing some wisdom on being successful in the end and we are hooked; that’s how much we missed him on any screen. 
The film has been written by Imran Aslam and is based on the popular 1994 British film, Four Weddings and a Funeral.
Talking about the trailer of the film, Sheheryar said , “It’s just a trailer. We wanted to introduce our characters rather than giving out the whole story of the film. For the full story the audiences have to get to their nearest cinema this Eid al-Adha.” He added, “It’s not a very conventional love story. But for that you have to wait for the whole thing to come out. It has some wonderful sound tracks and performances by actors whose work speak volumes.”
PHL has all the ingredients of an Asim Raza vehicle — beautiful people, costumes, whistle-worthy cameos, picturesque locales, great music and choreography — and we sure hope a memorable story line as well. Because if the storyline is meh, even the appearances of Fawad or Mahira won’t be able to save the sinking ship. Bisou Bisou!
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