Qatar’s infra work ‘smart and sustainable’: envoy
June 16 2019 09:38 PM
Italian ambassador Pasquale Salzano.
Italian ambassador Pasquale Salzano.

The “extraordinary” infrastructure changes that Qatar is undergoing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup show that decision makers and clients “are paying more attention to smart and sustainable solutions” in line with Qatar National Vision 2030, Italian ambassador Pasquale Salzano has said.
The envoy made the statement during a recently held workshop in Doha, titled ‘Broken Nature - Colours Will Regenerate the World’, which was organised by Novacolor Italy and Qatari firm Global One Project.
“Today, being a green responsible business is no longer an option but a necessity as the attention to environmental impact is increasingly shaping consumer’s choices and consequently market competition. In design and architecture, we first look for beauty, and Italy is certainly a leader and well-known benchmark for that,” Salzano said in his opening speech.
More than aesthetics, Salzano explained that Italian design embodies values of wellbeing and functionality. Citing architects, designers and contractors, the ambassador said professionals also have an important ethical responsibility.
“You are called to contribute to find new solutions in order to ensure the best possible standards of quality life for our and next generations. Design and wellbeing can and must go hand-in-hand in residential, as well as in urban projects,” Salzano said. 
According to Salzano, trade volume figures between his country and Qatar reflect how Italy and Italian brands “are innovative and reliable partners”.
He said total trade between both countries stood at €2.6bn in 2018, with an overall increase of 21%. Italian exports to Qatar in the field of design and building industry “is registering a dynamic and positive trend,” he continued. 
“In addition to sustainability, I am pleased to highlight another key asset of the partnership between Novacolor and Global One Project: their joint efforts for premium customer care.
“Top-quality products require top-level customer care and attention to the client. I am proud to say that Italian businesses – and especially those working here in Qatar, in all sectors – are putting great efforts in training, and Novacolor makes no exception.
As part of its business and partnership vision it regularly organises training and workshops for client and distributors and place itself as a trendsetter in the market,” Salzano explained.
He added, “In Qatar, among many projects, Novacolor paints have been chosen to reproduce the true Italian charming atmosphere of Venice in the beautiful Qanat Quartier of Doha. These achievements are not certainly by chance but are the result of the great passion and creativity of the company’s team and, above all, of continuous investments in research to improve the production process.”

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