Qatari startup offers healthy desserts to local market
June 15 2019 08:13 PM
Guilt Free Chocolate Black Bean Brownie.
Guilt Free Chocolate Black Bean Brownie.

A new startup in Qatar is bridging the gap between people and healthy food options in the country by offering desserts that are not only nourishing and beneficial but great tasting, as well.
The Guilt Free Company (GFC), which was conceptualised a year and a half ago, has been getting much traction in the local market since it started operations in January 2019, according to owner and managing director, Sheikha Mayes al-Thani.
“The idea stemmed from the lack of healthy food options in the country. It was basically a creative thought when we came up with the name and we just wanted to produce something that is super healthy, you don’t have to feel guilty after eating it,” Sheikha Mayes told Gulf Times.
To produce a variety of healthy desserts that caters to a wider community, Sheikha Mayes stressed that GFC is backed by a team of highly-skilled professionals specialising in health, fitness, and the culinary industries, including UK Master Chef Stacie Stewart.

Guilt Free Vegan Carrot Cake

Guilt Free Snickers Bar

Guilt Free Blue Spirulina Cheesecake

“We have been trying to work on quality and variety in terms of our menu, so we’ve done a lot of market research and it seems there isn’t any company that serves the same purpose.
“Some people claim to be offering healthy options though they are not 100% accurate. What we wanted to do is to be completely honest with our customer base and the businesses that we partner with, and provide them with real super foods and ingredients, as well as recipes that they can benefit from,” she explained.
Sheikha Mayes pointed out that GFC aims to spread awareness and education on how to eat properly “and to revolutionise healthy eating” in Qatar. 
“To begin with, people don’t understand how desserts could be healthy. We are bringing the two concepts of health and taste together; and we’d like to help address and change the issue of obesity and diabetes in the country, and be a force that would make a positive impact on the community,” she stressed.
According to Sheikha Mayes, all GFC desserts are made of non-refined sugars and are gluten-free. They also cater to Qatar’s large vegan community, and the products also accommodate people with certain food intolerances.
She said GFC desserts are available on, Facebook, Instagram, and on the food app, Akly. The ‘Guilt Free Beet Bounty Bar’ is a healthy alternative to the regular Bounty chocolate bar. GFC’s pink raw coconut bar gives a powerfully refreshing taste because of its combination of coconut, MCT oil, and beetroot.
Similarly, the ‘Guilt Free Snickers Bar’ is a healthy alternative to the regular Snickers chocolate bar. GFC’s gooey flapjack bar is raw and packed with super foods and does not contain refined sugars.
The ‘Guilt Free Raw Orange Brownie’ is full of Vitamin C, which will helps improve immune system functions, and is full of sweet almond goodness, while the ‘Guilt Free Chocolate Black Bean Brownie’ has unsalted black beans that give a boost of quality high protein and dietary fibre, which aid muscle growth and repair, as well as digestion. 
The ‘Guilt Free Orange, Almond Honey Cake’ has high nutrient content, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. It is loaded with antioxidants, controls blood sugar levels, balances blood pressure, can lower cholesterol, prevents oxidation, reduces hunger, and is a good source of natural fats.
Other items in the GFC menu include the ‘Guilt Free Vegan Carrot Cake’, ‘Guilt Free Blue Spirulina Cheesecake’, ‘Guilt Free Lemon Coconut Protein Balls’, ‘Guilt Free Chocolate Avocado Cake’, ‘Guilt Free Matcha Oatmeal Cookies’, ‘Guilt Free Salted Caramel Bar’, and the ‘Guilt Free Sweet Potato Brownies’, among others.

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