*"We support our partners in Qatar to achieve increased performance, customise LNG solutions for them and achieving rotating equipment and process excellence," says Ayman Khattab, President & CEO (Gulf & North Africa) Baker Hughes, a GE company

Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) sees “significant” growth prospects in Qatar, especially as the country focuses on “unlocking the potential” of its gas reserves, said Ayman Khattab, president & CEO, BHGE Gulf & North Africa.

“We see a lot of potential in the liquefied natural gas market; Qatar is a leading global producer of LNG and there are lots of opportunities in expanding production and in driving the efficiency and reliability of processes,” Khattab said in an interview with Gulf Times.

For example, he noted, “a single day of downtime can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. Our turbo-compression technologies had transformed the LNG sector in the 1990s and today with our fullstream offering, including digital capabilities, we provide plant-wide performance for LNG production, liquefaction, regasification, and storage facilities — no matter the size or location of the operation.”

"We support our partners in Qatar to achieve increased performance, customise LNG solutions for them and achieving rotating equipment and process excellence.”

Additionally, BHGE sees a “lot of opportunities” in the development and expansion projects as Qatar targets to increase its production.

“We also see untapped opportunities in digitising the oil and gas sector,” Khattab said.

Qatar, he said, is one of BHGE’s key markets in the region, and it has a “strong” history of partnerships and presence here.

“Qatar's economy is robust and with the focus on economic and energy sector diversification, the country is firmly on the growth track led by the Qatar National Vision 2030. We are committed to supporting the country in strengthening energy sector efficiency and productivity through our advanced suite of technologies across upstream, downstream and midstream,” Khattab said.

Asked how BHGE can bring in value addition to Qatar’s oil and gas value chain, he said, “As a fullstream services and technology provider, we deliver solutions across the energy value chain - from the reservoir to the refinery, from upstream to midstream to downstream.

“This, in turn, helps our customers achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs and risks. We combine in-depth technology and expertise with a startup mindset. We ensure the continuity of customer businesses, address any challenges they face, and exceed the desired performance objectives.”

BHGE has a strong presence in Qatar with a "heritage" of more than 40 years, working closely with the country’s energy sector leaders, Khattab said. In 1977, BHGE installed its first gas turbines in country and in 1980 it helped drill the NWD-06 well using its ‘Drill Bit’ technology.

With three workshops for oilfield services and equipment and a research and development centre located at the Qatar Science and Technology Park, BHGE is working with several leading energy sector operators. Currently, it is the “largest single liner-hanger provider” in the country.

Khattab said BHGE provides services that are the “right fit for our partners” in the country. For example, the current focus of Qatar in leveraging its gas reserves is an “ideal fit” to the company’s own “competitive” strengths.

“Our gas turbines cover every application in the LNG industry; in fact our technologies are helping Qatar to further strengthen its position as a global LNG provider. We have the capability to support the LNG sector across the value chain; from drilling, LNG trains, generators, gas turbines, pipeline inspection, to digitising the entire process,” Khattab added.