Sri Lankan community pays homage to the blast victims
April 26 2019 09:08 PM
Sri Lankan embassy charge d'affaires Kohula Rangan Ratnasingam speaking at the event.
Sri Lankan embassy charge d'affaires Kohula Rangan Ratnasingam speaking at the event. PICTURES: Ram Chand

Sri Lankan community in Qatar on Friday paid homage to their compatriots who were victims of a series of terror attacks last Sunday in Colombo, killing about 253 people and wounding several hundreds. 
Suicide bombers blew themselves up at leading hotels and religious places on Easter Sunday, killing worshippers and holidaymakers, resulting in one of the deadliest attacks Sri Lanka had witnessed in the recent times.

Sri Lankan community members offering flowers at the event

A memorial services was held at the embassy premises in the presence of a large number of community members who paid homage to the departed as well as the wounded in the attacks. The ceremony was led by Kohula Rangan Ratnasingam, charge d’affaires, Sri Lankan embassy. 
Speaking at the memorial, Ratnasingam said that it was a terrible time for Sri Lanka as a nation as well as for the people of the country.
“I am brokenhearted today. I join with all of you to pay homage to those who lost their lives in the attacks. I pray the Almighty for the souls who departed from us. I pray for the fast recovery of the wounded people. I also extend my condolences to the people who lost their loved ones,” condoled, Ratnasingam. 
“So, we have a great challenge at this sorrowful moment. We should stay united to prevent such things from happening again. And we have a great challenge ahead to build our country into a peaceful one. I have great hope and confidence that we all, as Sri Lankans will stay together to build our nation,” he continued. 

The candlelit vigil at the event

Several community leaders and religious heads also spoke at the event. They all expressed their pain and sorrow at the dastardly attack and vowed to keep the country and the people united at this hour of crisis. Some of them also expressed their anguish and rage at the act as well as at the incompetent approach of the Lankan government towards the act.
The ceremony was followed by a candlelit vigil and people offered flowers and at the memorial. They also signed at the registry opened at the embassy to offer condolences.

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