Qatar on track in developing its human capacity: Malaysian Education Minister
April 22 2019 10:30 PM
Malaysian Education Minister Maszlee bin Malik.
Malaysian Education Minister Maszlee bin Malik.

Qatar, particularly Qatar Foundation (QF), is on the right path in developing its human capacity as it focuses and invests heavily in education, Malaysian Education Minister Maszlee bin Malik has said.

“Qatar is doing the right thing, moving towards the right direction. I know more is coming towards the 2022 FIFA World Cup,” the Minister told reporters in Doha on Sunday.

Malik met with senior Education and QF officials to discuss ways of further strengthen co-operation in the field of education between the two countries.

Saying he was highly impressed with the various developments taking place in the country, the Minister stressed that Qatar is preparing a good future for its citizens despite the blockade.

He hoped the two countries will work together through academic and research exchanges (students, teachers, and researchers, among others), sharing each other’s experiences and expertise.

“Development is not only about skyscrapers and new buildings, and more than that, Qatar is doing the right thing in its school level and higher education level,” Malik said, adding that exchanges and close collaborations between the two countries can “create a new bright history for the future.”

Qatar and Malaysia, he said, are looking at many ways on how to make their relations sustainable.

Malik said he finds future co-operation between the two countries in terms of student exchange, lecture exchange, teachers exchange and exchanges at institutional level would be beneficial for both countries.

Describing Malaysia as a unique destination for education, he said Qatari students will also enjoy studying in the South East Asian nation.

“We call our educational system as “Humanistic Education”, this is where we try to impose three major values: love, happiness and mutual respect. These are major ingredients in developing a civilised country and society,” Malik stressed.

“The aim is to make education a happy process because sometimes when people talk about education, normally they only think of it as a means to obtain a degree or qualification,” he pointed out. “Education is beyond that.”

He expressed confidence that instilling values to children and students will bring peace, stability, and harmony, which will help eradicate extremism, terrorism and hate culture among the people.

“This system is being implemented in various educational institutions in Malaysia – from pre-schools to schools, universities and colleges – and that what makes it unique,” Malik said.

“Most of the students at the university level must take a subject where they go to the community, live and immerse with its residents and try to solve the problems there,” he added. “This is where we try to crystalise the very idea of “university for the community”.

“We invite Qatari students either to study or for the exchange programme or to do their post graduate studies, or to spend some time to learn new things in Malaysia,” he added.

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