Vodafone continues its commitment to help Qatar’s businesses succeed in a digital world with the launch of Vodafone Cloud, offering enterprises computing resources to host their business applications in a secure and redundant environment.

The portfolio encompasses cloud server, enterprise storage, data protection and security services.

First revealed at Vodafone’s Innovation Day last month, Vodafone Cloud is a managed end-to-end service that provides all businesses with many advantages.

To start, businesses do not need to invest in hardware or IT maintenance and can utilise the service as a pay-as-you-grow model that results in significant cost savings. Instead, IT resources can be dedicated on the business’s growth, development and innovation.

Deployment time in Vodafone Cloud is virtually zero and applications that are critical for growth and success can be deployed almost instantly, giving businesses a strategic competitive advantage over competitors who have not yet adopted cloud technology. High availability is also critical to a business’s operations and Vodafone Cloud removes the possibility of server failure causing downtime.

Vodafone Cloud services are hosted locally in Qatar in a Tier III data centre to meet compliance requirements and to safeguard customer data in addition to guaranteeing higher service level agreements to customers.

Moreover, Vodafone provides pre-sales and technical account management to help customers design their cloud requirements and provide consultancy for smooth transitions from traditional IT infrastructure.

Vodafone Qatar chief business officer Mahmud Awad said, “With our world-leading connectivity, and our innovative use of Internet of Things, our Cloud and Hosting Services can take businesses to new heights”.

Digital change is accelerating and businesses must adapt to succeed. In a dynamic world, the cloud provides agility and access to the essential data and apps businesses need to be decisive and differentiated. Our cloud services offer a safe, smarter and simple way to transform businesses,” Awad continued.

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