It won’t be erroneous to profess the awards as a source of recognition to all those who push themselves all year round, even as ascetics will say they do not mean much. Perhaps, this is why the awards are never considered a paradigm to success. One of Pakistan’s most celebrated and anticipated awards of the year, Lux Style Awards 2019 are scheduled to take place in July. Highlighting achievements in fashion and entertainment, the awards honour artisans from the media fraternity.
Meanwhile where the nominations of Lux Style Awards 2019 are out, the politics is indeed a surging sea undergoing stormy weather. LSA jury has received backlash for snubbing some of the most prominent projects of 2018. Celebrities including actors, producers and influencers have taken over social media to express their concern and call spade-a-spade once and for all, without any curtailment. 

Mohsin Abbas Haider

Actor Mohsin Abbas Haider seems to be on a streak of good luck, with his stint as a rapper-singer in the show Mazaak Raat he riveted the audiences’ attention towards him, but it’s with Pakistani film Na Maloom Afraad (2014), that he established a standing in the industry. From singing on Coke Studio to blockbuster films such as Jawani Phir Nahin Aani 2 under his belt, there is not gainsaying that he has managed to climb up the ladder quite rapidly. 

He was recently part of drama serial Meri Gurya (2018), on entertainment channel ARY Digital, that tackled the issue of child sexual abuse and received critical acclaim.
However, the play is not nominated under the Best TV Play category. Although Mohsin is nominated in Singer of the Year category for song Na Ja, but he expressed his disdain and disappointment for snubbing the socially relevant play from the nominations. In an Instagram post, he wrote, “First of all thank you for nominating our song Na Ja in the Best Singer of the Year category. But I am highly disappointed not to see a single nomination of our drama Meri Gurya. I don’t know the reason (which I would love to know if any), but this is very disrespectful for the whole team of the play. And thanks for making my belief more strong that let’s just make money and run our kitchens, thanks.”

Eman Suleman

Nominated under the Best Emerging Talent in Fashion category, budding model Eman Suleman has boycotted the awards saying she doesn’t want to share an LSA nomination with someone who has been accused of harassment. Eman, however, did not take any names. In a minute long video message posted on Instagram, the model expressed her discomfort in these words: “I was extremely honoured to be nominated for the Lux Style Awards but, what I’m going to say next is going to result in a lot of eye rolls. I am tired of talking about it, honestly. I do not wish to be a part of an accolade which is shared with an alleged harasser, I feel no joy. Maybe nominate someone who feels happy about it, I don’t. I am basically done [with this].”

Ahsan Rahim and Teefa in Trouble

Although director of Teefa in Trouble, Ahsan Rahim is nominated for his film in the Best Director category, he expressed his disappointment after seeing that his film’s music did not get the recognition it deserved. He called it ‘discrimination and a biased’ decision. Teefa in Trouble’s music was very well-done, got a Netflix release and was even performed on at international platforms and award shows. Why it didn’t get a nomination? We’re also wondering the same. 

“It goes to show how certain biases of certain individuals can turn the game upside down just because they don’t like you or your film personally or you didn’t let them use your music for free for their performances. I won’t be surprised if my film – the biggest non-holiday blockbuster of all times in Pakistan – goes unnoticed at the awards just because the voice of a few in charge is louder than many millions,” said Ahsan Rahim.
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