The Met department has forecast strong winds and thunderstorms in Qatar Tuesday, a day after the country experienced severe dusty conditions and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) cautioned the public to take necessary precautions in view of the adverse weather. 
The weather office had said in a report on Sunday that the country is likely to experience unsettled weather conditions until the weekend due to the deepening of a low-pressure system over the region.
Accordingly, it issued a warning Monday that strong winds are expected in the early hours Tuesday along with thunderstorms in some places at times. The department also warned that thundery rain is likely in some offshore areas, too, besides windy conditions and high seas.
The detailed report says the wind speed may go up to 30 knots in offshore areas at first before falling to 8-18 knots by the evening. Inshore, the wind speed may reach a high of 25 knots in some places before dropping to 5-15 knots later. 
The sea level, meanwhile, may rise to 10ft.
Moderate temperature is expected during the day along with slight dust at times. It will also be cloudy occasionally and there is a chance of light rain in some places, which may turn thundery at first.
Cloudy conditions are also likely offshore, and there is a possibility of scattered rain that may become thundery at times.
Meanwhile, different parts of the country witnessed severe dusty conditions from Monday afternoon until late in the evening, leading to a sharp drop in visibility in some places.
HMC advised the public to take necessary precautions on account of the unstable weather. “Dust storms can trigger sinus allergies and respiratory infections, especially in those with chronic diseases,” it said in an advisory. 
“The public is advised to take the following precautions during inclement weather: avoid going outside, especially during high winds or low visibility when the dust levels are particularly harmful; and cover your nose and mouth with a mask or damp cloth to reduce inhalation of particles of dust,” the advisory said.
HMC also cautioned motorists to take extra care while driving and keep car windows closed. “Avoid rubbing the eyes to prevent eye infections. Individuals who experience mild symptoms such as watering eyes, cough or wheezing should go to their Primary Health Care Centres while those who have severe breathing problem may have a lung infection and should go to the emergency department,” it added.
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