CMC calls for stricter law to regulate ad displays, posters
March 26 2019 10:57 PM
The CMC in session on Tuesday
The CMC in session on Tuesday

Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

The Central Municipal Council (CMC) called on Tuesday for stricter regulations and control of the unlicensed posters and advertisements, especially those seen on the main roads and streets across the country.

After an in-depth discussion and study of the issue and the negative impacts of the spread of unregulated ads and posters within the residential areas, the council issued a number of recommendations in this regard, addressed to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).

The CMC saw it is necessary to ban the spread and circulation of the unlicensed and unregulated posters and advertisements, in addition to exercising tighter control to monitor and follow up this across the country. Besides, the MME should launch an awareness campaign targeting the individuals and organisations concerned to raise their knowledge on Law no 1 for 2012 on the Regulation and Control of the Placement of Advertisements, and strictly enforce its stipulations.

The council was of the view that pasting ads and posters in an unregulated manner on light poles, walls and gates of residences, road signs and billboards, constitute a disfiguring of the otherwise well-organised and tidy surroundings. Accordingly, CMC members asked the municipalities concerned to take all the necessary measures to curb the menace and strictly enforce the related laws and regulations.

In the meantime, the council discussed the suggestion of vice-chairman Hamad Lahdan al-Muhannadi on the creation of a Department of Fishing Harbours at the MME to take care of the related issues and address the needs of fishermen and support them accordingly.

Al-Muhannadi pointed out the importance of fishing harbours in the country and observed that a dedicated department would be highly instrumental for enhancing the fisheries sector, in addition to improving the performance and quality of these harbours and equip them with the necessary tools to help fishermen further increase their catch.

Al-Muhannadi further suggested that each harbour should have an administrative office to oversee its operations and needs and have facilities to resolve any issues faced by the fishermen. The topic was eventually referred to the CMC Services and Utilities Committee for further studies and to issue the related adequate recommendations.

The council has a regular meeting every two weeks to discuss different municipal services issues and how to improve them based on the needs and demands of the inhabitants and address the concerned entities.

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