"A Flower Each Spring" programme has chosen to promote a local plant named "Al-Jithjath" during the current spring season.
To mark the occasion, the programme hosted a number of employees of Q-Post at its headquarters at Ras Matbakh in Al Khor. The participants learned about the plant's characteristics, where it grows in Qatar, and its various benefits.
The Environment Department also stressed the importance of preserving the environment and benefiting from it without harming it, and working on the development of natural resources without spoiling it, as well as the commitment of all to work sincerely to develop a beautiful environment for present and future generations.
Vice-President of "A Flower Each Spring" programme, Khalid al-Shuaibi, called on the Q-Post to release stamps commemorating Qatar plants. He expressed and the readiness of the programme to provide the images of these plants and relevant information regarding them.
He said, besides delivering a very strong message of respect for the natural environment and wild plants and the move would reflect the great interest that the state gives to the environment and its components. 
Al-Shuaibi explained that "A Flower Each Spring" is a 21-year old programme, through which it has been able to introduce young people and adults to Qatari plants and their characteristics and how to take care of them.
He called on all State ministries and private and public companies to join the programme's field trips.
He also pointed out that the environmental concepts and levels of awareness now differ from the past. However, the programme is keen to develop itself and the mechanisms of communication with different segments of society, noting that "A flower Each Spring" includes a team specialised in environmental affairs with great experience in leadership and supervision.
For his part, Q-Post's representative, Khalid al-Ajlan, stressed Q-Post's keenness to participate in all major events of the State by releasing stamps associated with these events and working to raise awareness about them. He said that stamp commemorating the 'Al Shafallah' flower has been released.
Al-Ajlan expressed his pleasure at introducing the employees of the company, especially non-Qataris, to Qatari plants, its seasons, forms, importance and usefulness, as well as efforts that concern agriculture, recycling of waste, sea, heritage, insects and birds of Qatar, traffic awareness and use of electricity and water, in addition to participating in scientific and environmental competitions and other activities organised by the programme.
The representative of Q-Post stressed that they have taken great steps to preserve the environment, including reducing the reliance on paper in transactions in internal and external communications, printing, archiving and replace them with electronic copies. "The reduction rate has reached 70% and we seek to increase this percentage in order to preserve the environment and rationalise expenditures," he said.
"Al-Jithjath or yethyas" is a medicinal plant. Its scientific name is Pulicaria undulata and is used as an insect repellent and helps to heal wounds.
Al-Jithjath tolerates the desert conditions. It produces yellow and violet heads. Its leaves are rough, green, dusty, grayish, and its roots are lateral and deep.
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