‘There’s something for everyone at the National Museum’
December 15 2018 10:37 PM
Saif al-Kuwari: encouraging small and medium-size businesses
Saif al-Kuwari: encouraging small and medium-size businesses

Commissioned artworks, a specially created playground for children at a landscaped park, as well as a number of cafes and gift shops, are among the many attractions and offerings at the soon-to-open National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ), an official has said.

“The museum is relevant to all families and ages. There is something to do for everyone,” NMoQ deputy director of Operations Saif al-Kuwari told a recent press briefing.

“Our aim is to offer something that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.”

He cited the monumental installation by renowned French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel as among the masterpieces installed at the park. It comprised 114 individual fountains set within the lagoon with their streams designed to evoke the fluid forms of Arabic calligraphy.

Such an artwork, al-Kuwari noted, creates “an enjoyable, educational experience for families and children” visiting NMoQ’s 112,000sqm public park.

Surrounding the new museum, this park features walking, running and cycling paths and other state-of-the-art facilities designed for various family and individual activities. It has areas for family-friendly interactive learning and exploration.

“As you would expect, our team has given very careful consideration to ensuring a range of opportunities for people to interact with the Museum, so that we can attract the widest possible cross-section of the community,” al-Kuwari said.

In addition, the park also has a heritage garden of traditional plants and large grassy areas suited for those who want to rest and relax. A 430-capacity car parking area is seamlessly integrated into it.

“Specially created playgrounds act as ‘creative spaces’ where children can discover crucial aspects of life in Qatar, in an echo of what they learn in the Museum itself,” he added. “These spaces have been designed to encourage interaction with Qatar’s history and heritage both inside and outside.”

Visitors can also try a wide range of Qatari and Arabic food at a café overlooking the main lobby, apart from other restaurants at the Museum.

“We are proud to say we are encouraging small and medium-size businesses in Qatar by engaging them in managing some of these outlets,” al-Kuwari said, adding that gift shops with numerous resources for teachers, parents and visitors will also be opened.

Other products such as activity and souvenir books, and gaming items, among others, will also be available.

“As in the MIA gift shop, our visitors will not be disappointed. We have also invited Qatari designer Wadha al-Hajri to open her first concept store on the grounds of the museum,” al-Kuwari said.

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