QFBA set to offer fintech courses
November 25 2018 08:49 PM
Dr al-Horr: Staying ahead of the curve
Dr al-Horr: Staying ahead of the curve.

To keep up with the latest technological trends, the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) will be offering financial technology (fintech) courses, along with hosting fintech-related events, an official said Sunday.
“The QFBA is keen on keeping up with all new and disruptive technologies, which affect the financial industry,” QFBA CEO Dr Khalid al-Horr told Gulf Times in an interview.
“And in line with that direction, we will be offering fintech courses publicly, along with hosting fintech-related events with our partners, in order to raise awareness and stay ahead of the curve,” he continued.
Asked about the QFBA’s current strategy, development plan, and milestones, al-Horr said, “Driven by an important mission of raising the financial services sector standards, the QFBA’s strategy is built around the importance of people growth, extensive market researches, creating products that are needed by the market, and sustaining human capital growth locally.”
According to al-Horr, the QFBA’s development plans are built around its centres of excellence: Kawader; Kafa’a, a first-of-its-kind training and competency framework for the banking and finance sector in the GCC region; the Qatar Institute of Public Finance (QIPF); the Code of Excellence (COE), and the Northumbria University, UK in Qatar.
He said Kawader is sponsored by the financial sector industry and supported by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), and aims to bridge the education gap between academic and practical application targeting fresh graduates from finance majors to junior level professionals in the industry.
Kafa’a is in line with the financial sector industry regulations that develop a state-wide competency and training framework for professionals working in the Qatar’s financial services sector.
For the QIPF, al-Horr said the QFBA has partnered with Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the MoF to support the enhancement of financial management in the public sector. Regarding the COE, the QFBA is training front office professionals in organisations with world-class sales and customer service standards.
The QFBA has brought to Qatar, Northumbria, one of the top business schools worldwide, offering degrees in finance, accounting, and investments management and has launched three academic degrees focused on the finance sector, al-Horr said. 
“We have achieved various milestones during this journey. We have brought in 13 international certifications with seven sub-brands. We have certified over 15 C- and director-level executives and published six public researches in less than a decade. 
“The QFBA, as a member of Qatar Financial Centre, further reiterates its commitment to taking the Qatari financial sector to the highest standards by empowering the local human capital with world-class education, thereby contributing towards the realisation of an important pillar in the 2030 vision, the human development pillar,” al-Horr said.

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