Breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers wow spectators at Corniche
November 10 2018 09:48 PM
The Frecce Tricolori enthralled spectators with exhilirating maneuvers.
The Frecce Tricolori enthralled spectators with exhilirating maneuvers.

Most residents taking their weekend stroll along the Corniche stood in awe Saturday as they marveled over the exciting and synchronised aerobatic maneuvers of the Qatari Display Team and Italy’s Frecce Tricolori, who are in Doha for a two-day air show.
From 1.45pm, the Italian Air Force and the Qatari Display Team will perform their last show Sunday. The Corniche provides the appropriate vantage point to watch the show’s death-defying air stunts.
The presence of Frecce Tricolori in Doha demonstrates Italy’s “special attention” to Qatar,” said Italian ambassador Pasquale Salzano, addressing guests who came to watch the show at the Le Veranda Restaurant in Doha.
“For the first time ever, Frecce Tricolori performs abroad in November in a time of the year where they usually do not organise shows in other countries, thus demonstrating the special attention that Italy wants to dedicate to Qatar,” Salzano stressed.
He continued: “The great participation of the people who gathered along the Corniche to watch the show, the admiration that we feel from Qatari people - returned by the Italian community in Doha - the warm welcome given to Italy every time, are particularly expressive and make me really proud and honoured to serve as ambassador in Qatar.
“As an ambassador, I think that our work means something when we are able to reach the people out there, beyond diplomatic circles or political and military environments - and this is exactly what happened today, so thank you to all the ones who made it possible.”
Aside from Frecce Tricolori, the show also highlighted impressive aerobatic maneuvers from the Qatari Display Team, which opened Saturday’s show. Their performance was concluded with the latest aeronautics technologies of Italy-based global high-tech company, Leonardo, courtesy of the M-346 (T-346A) and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Leonardo's M-346 takes off for the show

Airshow accentuates Doha sunset

Leonardo’s M-346 is the most advanced jet trainer aircraft available on the market and the only one specifically designed to prepare pilots for new generation aircraft, while the Eurofighter Typhoon is the latest generation, multi-role fighter with the largest number of orders, aircraft delivered, and flight hours worldwide.
“We are proud that Leonardo’s M-346 advanced jet trainer, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and Italian aerobatic team will represent aeronautics excellence, the same excellence we, as Leonardo, provide here in Qatar through our products and capabilities,” Leonardo general manager in Qatar Valerio Stella told Gulf Times.
Salzano added: “The breathtaking aircraft stunts highlight the extraordinary ability of the Italian pilots, their unique expertise, and their advanced skills. They are the symbol of the Italian excellence in the field of defence and confirm Italy’s top position at the forefront of aeronautical technology. 
“Qatar deserves the best and Italy wants to bring here the best of its traditions, trainers, and technology. Bringing Frecce Tricolori to Doha on the occasion of Italian Armed Forces Day, which falls on November 4 but will be officially celebrated on November 10, is Italy’s ‘thank you’ and ‘gift’ to honour the successful partnership with Qatar and Qatari Armed Forces.”

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