Korean performers enthrall crowd with traditional music
November 05 2018 10:00 PM
Members of Korea's Ensemble Mokkoji perform on stage at Katara. (Katara pictures)
Members of Korea's Ensemble Mokkoji perform on stage at Katara. (Katara pictures)

Qatar and South Korea’s rapidly growing cultural exchange was highlighted once again during the live performance of ‘Ensemble Mokkoji’ recently at the “Korean Music Night” held at the Katara Drama Theatre.

The six talented and renowned Korean performers enthralled the crowd with traditional music, K-pop (Korean pop) and Western songs and music, at the event.

“We believe frequently-held diverse cultural events can provide good basis for people to understand and get closer to each other,” South Korean ambassador Kim Chang-mo said.

“In this respect, we have continued efforts to present a series of music and dance performances, film festivals, cooking class and many other interacitve programmes introducing Korean culture and lifestyle to Doha,” the envoy noted.

The ‘Ensemble Mokkoji’ performance forms part of the 44th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Qatar and Korea, which witnessed numerous progress in various fields of bilateral co-operation.

The unique show featured ‘Short Hair’ (the first step of Yongpil Cho, “The King of Music” in Korea released in 1979), ‘Gashina’ (a first solo work of Sunmi after Wonder Girls’ dissolution), and ‘Don’t Worry’ (released in 2004 and many K-pop singers such as Jeongsuk Cho, Juck Lee, Pil Kim, Hyunwoo Ha, arranged this song) — all sung by the group’s vocalist, Kyoungmin Kang.

Gayaguem Daun Park fascinated Beatles fans with his ‘Beatles Medley,’ performing the popular group’s mega hit pieces such as ‘Let it be’, ‘Hey Jude’, and ‘Obladi Oblada’ using Korean traditional string instrument.

Besides piano and guitar performances by Hwanyong Choi and Donghyeon Choi, the group also showcased another Korean instrument ‘Piri’, which was used by Wangyu Kang.

A piece dubbed as ‘Afterimage of Moonlight,’ a metaphor of the traditional image of Korean women which contains three short parts, was performed by the group’s dancer, Seungmin Baek.

It has been exclusively created for the event in Doha.

Other performances include ‘Wind’ by Hwanyong Choi, ‘Arirang Fantasy’ (consists of many different types of Arirangs from many different regions such as, Gyunggi, Milyang, and Jeongsun) by Sangguen Choi, and ‘Libertango’ by Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla, among others.

The envoy said the embassy brought the award winning Korean B-Boy Group Jinjo Crew to Doha last year and wowed a large number of spectators at the Katara – the Cultural Village.

Meanwhile, 12 Qatari youngsters visited Korea in July as part of the “Youth Exchange Programme,” which served “as a linch pin of cultural exchange,” and experienced Korean people’s daily life and culture, according to Chang-mo.

In return, 12 Korean youngsters are currently visiting Qatar to further understand Qatari culture.

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