The demand for bio-based products in Qatar will increase in the future due to the growing awareness on the adverse impact of plastics on the environment, CEO and founder of a sustainable and multidisciplinary design company has said. A lot of people also have “the desire for a total lifestyle change via social media,” Ateliers Artea Worldwide’s Jeniffer Marie S Tungol told 'Gulf Times' during the recently held Qatar Green Building Conference 2018 at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel.

“During the exhibition, we believe we were able to convey the benefits and positive changes of shifting to a greener lifestyle and supporting biobased/compostable alternatives from conventional plastics and fossil fuel based materials,” she noted. The company, headquartered in Doha and present through its collaborators in some neighbouring countries, Europe, the UK, the US, and Southeast Asia, showcased its products and services at the event. 

Philippine-based Co Chocolat showcased healthy and delicious chocolate products at the event

Bio/plant-based products on show at the exhibition

Ateliers Artea focuses on sustainable and minimalist design, zero-waste lifestyle, and cleaner commodities, among others, and aims to generate 1mn jobs across Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Tungol hopes to open their flagship eco-lifestyle shop aimed at servicing more consumers through online shopping by end of this year and early 2019. “Qatar, being new to bio-based products, is a perfect testing market for us and to see it evolve to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious market will be a great success,” she said. “We acknowledge the challenges and we have to give extra time and dedication to educate the consumers about our alternative products and what possible lifestyle changes they can do,” Tungol added.
She noted that the company supplies bio/plant-based and compostable food service packaging for brands such as Avani, Biopak, Vegware and Silvex (takeaway boxes, straws, and carry bags, among others), made from corn, sugarcane, cassava, bamboo – all rapidly renewable and has low impact on the environment. 
“We also have the award-winning and the first paper-based bottled water in the region ‘Just Water’, 100% bamboo-based tissues Cheeky Panda, Treewise pencils and stationery made from recycled newspapers from India,” Tungol said. 
Philippine ambassador Alan L Timbayan, who visited the exhibition, said that Artea showcased sustainable interior design products from the Philippines and native materials such as pineapple and banana fibre which are very versatile and can be used for interior design and retail purposes. He said the company wants to help the furniture manufacturers in the Philippines comply with international standards required for entering the global construction and design market through the support of the government.
“Co Chocolat (another company taking part in the exhibition), on the other hand, has a very innovative way of showcasing healthy and delicious chocolate products from Agusan de Sur in the Philippines,” the envoy noted. “But what is impressive about Co Chocolat is that it is a social enterprise which advocates the farm-to-table movement to help support the local cocoa farmers in Agusan del Sur,” Timbayan added.

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