The Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is planning to implement SMART Pharmacy programme to improve work development and for continuing education of the pharmacists. 

“Quality is assured if education leads to quality of services, both in community and hospital pharmacy settings. The new innovative international model SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable Relevant and Timed) Pharmacy programme offers structured, comprehensive and competency-based education and new approaches to pharmacy practice in the country,” Prof Moza al-Hail, executive director of Pharmacy at HMC said.
Al-hail was interacting with the media Tuesday on the sidelines of a two-day training programme for pharmacists. 
“The heath system in Qatar is rapidly developing with a growing number of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We have increased the number of services and pharmacists in HMC and other health centres. They come from different backgrounds and we need to build their skills with equally competence,” al-Hail said.
The SMART Pharmacy programme has been designed to be sustainable evidence-based educational initiative with all elements of continuing professional development cycle, including application and impact on everyday pharmacy practice, which will lead to improvements in patient care quality.
“This will help all pharmacists in the country. Every day, new evidence of medicine management comes out. We need to be updated for this. Everyday new medications are being discovered and new medication is coming to the market. So a pharmacist needs to be updated. It is not just about assessing them, but they have to improve their competency, skills and attitudes. This programme will empower the pharmacists as well as motivate them,” al-Hail said.
Dr Michael J Rouse, assistant executive director, Professionals Affairs and Director, International Services at the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education in the US, said that the focus of the SMART Pharmacy programme was on the application of the knowledge. 
“There is impact, change and improvement in the performance leading to ultimate improvement in the patient care. It is about learning for impact and to bring about a change. We are introducing the concept aiming to make the SMART Pharmacy programme a national plan. We will introduce the concept and tools resources. We work with the country and stakeholders of the country to develop a national vision and action plan,” he noted.
Dr Arijana Mestovic, assistant professor and independent consultant in Pharma International Agency, pointed out that the programme was developed in Turkey five years ago and implemented in several countries. 
“The programme is spreading quickly including in Europe, Mena region and other places. We assure quality, global education tools and best practices, respecting the local context. The programme is not ready to be delivered before we shape it together with the local stakeholders,” the official said.

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