Qatar, a "home away from home" for many expatriates, has been continuously providing various opportunities for its residents in different sectors, Argentinian expatriate Matias Freije has told Gulf Times.

“I see that the work-life balance here is perfect, and I am thankful to have a good job here at Qatar Foundation,” said the veterinarian, who has been taking care of horses in Doha since 2015.
He lives in Doha with his wife and two children.
Freije, who was speaking on the visit by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to Argentina, expressed confidence that they can share and bring a lot of experience to Qatar.
He said Doha is “amazing and will become a more amazing city” in a couple of years once all major infrastructure projects are finished".
“I always tell my friends that when all the projects are done, Doha will become an extraordinary city, with its stunning roads and highways, bridges, buildings and soon, the much-awaited Doha Metro, among others,” Freije noted.

Matias Freije's two kids at a playground

He also lauded how the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department manages traffic in many areas of the city, significantly reducing road accidents.
Hoping to still be in Doha during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Freije wants to see the city’s complete transformation and experience its many offerings, including the games during the prestigious tournament.
Argentina is among the 80 countries, which also include Peru, Paraguay and Ecuador, whose nationals enjoy visa-free entry to Qatar.
“I like the city because everything is close, not too big, you have a lot of things to do in a very small radius,” Freije said, adding that he has the chance to use several sports facilities offered at different locations.
He likes to play golf, football and tennis.
Doha hosts many indoor and outdoor sports and recreational facilities such as table tennis, bowling, badminton, basketball, swimming, volleyball, track and field events, kite-flying and cycling, among others.
Apart from enjoying their visits in many of the city’s public parks during their free time, Freije's family also frequently spends time during weekends in the beaches in the northern part of Qatar, especially in the winter.
Freije said they also enjoy the gathering of small Argentinian groups (community members) at the embassy with a barbeque during the winter.
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