Qatar has “loads of potential” as a touristic and family destination, offering an array of products and services suitable for both domestic and foreign visitors, an Argentinian-Venezuelan expatriate in Doha has said.

“From the up and coming culinary scene with new concepts and cuisines, to family-friendly spaces for kids to thrive in and parents to relax, this country provides something for everyone regardless of their stage in life,” Anahi Brown, an empowerment coach and speaker, told Gulf Times.
She was describing the openness of Qatar as a destination, allowing visa-free entry to 80 nationalities, including Argentinians and citizens of other Latin American countries.
Brown said she loves to spend time with her family on Fuwairit beach in the northern part of Qatar, away from the bustle of Doha.
“I like Souq Waqif for relaxed strolls and Qatar National Library for countless hours of reading. Qatar has so many great places to visit and enjoy,” she noted.
Brown also cited the country’s status as a sports hub, hosting several major sporting events, particularly the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
“I believe that Argentina, as a football-loving country with such a rich tradition, has loads to offer Qatar in terms of expertise and experience,” she pointed out. “Having said that, Qatar is also becoming an authority in the sports arena and that is going to be a great asset going forward.”
About helping make the 2022 tournament in Qatar successful, Brown said her biggest contribution would be to continue working for the country’s success, as well as being open to offering support to any organisation looking for local talent to join them.
“This is when every person within Qatar’s vast community has something to offer towards greatness,” she added.
About living in Doha for eight years as a second home, Brown stressed that “my life in Doha is beyond my dreams”. “Coming from South America, I find this place safe and loving to families, offering countless opportunities to grow and develop your career and family.”
“I’m Argentinian-Venezuelan and feel that Qatar has given me and my family the chance we couldn’t have had back home to live a contented life,” she said.
About the infrastructure in the country, Brown hopes to see more strategic and well-planned development in the upcoming years “to make sure Qatar is ready to wow the world” since a lot of things have been changing fast in the country. 
About His Highness the Amir’s visit to Argentina, she said the two countries have “a huge potential to become great partners in each other’s growth, not only in sports but also in many other ways”.
“Hopefully, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani’s visit will cement this relationship and empower both nations in their goals,” Brown stressed.

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