Campers, adventure seekers and beach-goers will find the country’s camping season enjoyable starting this winter with the launch of Al Enna project, Qatar Tourism Authority’s (QTA) has said.
Al Enna, a Qatari word meaning ‘camping ground,’ aims to enhance the overall desert and camping experience through improved services and safety, protecting the environment at Sealine and Inland Sea (Khor Al Adaid) areas and preserving natural life.
“The project is the first step in a comprehensive development of the Sealine area, which aims at developing the camping experience, preserving the heritage of Qatar and protecting one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world,” Omar al-Jaber, a QTA representative and Al Enna Project’s official spokesperson, told a press conference yesterday.
Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME); Ministry of Interior; Public Works Authority (Ashghal); Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation; Batabit (Qatar Centre for Motorcycles), Mawater and QTA have joined hands to deliver a revamped and one-of-its-kind tourism offering in the country.
In her presentation, QTA’s festivals and tourism events director Mashal Shahbik said Al Enna will develop infrastructures and extend basic services to 200 camp grounds at Sealine as part of a pilot phase. A special zone for ATV sports will be built over a 300,000sqm area, aimed at ensuring visitor’s safety while protecting the campers’ privacy. It will feature 28 motorcycle rental shops and eight ATV tracks (two for advanced riders, one for intermediate level riders, four for beginners and one for ladies only).
Dune bashing will be banned in areas with wildlife to protect the indigenous flora and fauna, according to QTA. MME will establish a wildlife nursery to reintroduce plant and animal populations affected by previous camping seasons in a fenced area spanning 326,000sq m.
Recycling services will also be in place as part of an enhanced waste management system. Plastic use will be banned in restaurants and cafes to protect the environment.
Al Enna will see major developments over an area at the Sealine beach, which can accommodate up to 15,000 visitors. This includes creating shaded areas, opening of cafés and restaurants, as well as designating a special area for families and another for children, apart from fitness machines and equipment for water and beach sports such as football and volleyball.
The project will also build a special entertainment zone, including a theatre that will host an array of cultural activities and events such as poetry nights during the weekends.
The zone’s design will draw inspiration from the surrounding area’s natural features to be in keeping with Qatar’s cultural heritage, QTA noted.
Meanwhile, engineer Salem Mohamed al-Shawi, assistant manager of road projects at Ashghal, announced that they recently started developing a new road to connect motorists to the Sealine beach, and it is expected to be completed by November.
“The road will conclude with parking spaces and service roads. Another road will take motorists from Endurance Roundabout all the way to Signature Dune, and we will begin working on it in the first quarter of 2019, with completion expected in the third quarter of the year,” he added. “This road will help motorists reach the Inland Sea area. These roads will be connected to Doha via the G-ring road, also currently under construction.”

Unique and safe camping season with Al Enna
The 2018/19 winter camping season will be different than any other especially with the launch of Al Enna, which will enhance the camping experience, according to Ministry of Interior’s (MoI) Lt Col Yousef Mohamed al-Obaidli. He noted that the South Security Department is working closely with the committee in charge of desert camping to provide security checks and raise awareness of safe practices.
“In addition, civil defence, ambulances and patrols will be in the area to respond quickly in case of incidents,” Lt Col al-Obaidli said.
Meanwhile, Major Jaber al-Odhaiba, assistant director of media and traffic awareness at MoI’s Traffic Department, said they will streamline the entry and exit of vehicles, including caravans, to prevent congestion.

Mashal Shahbik presents details of the project.
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