Vodafone showcases life with 5G at Doha Festival City
September 09 2018 12:36 AM
From the Vodafone Qatar event at Doha Festival City.

Vodafone Qatar gave visitors to Doha Festival City, throughout the weekend, a glimpse into the future of how 5G will enhance how we live and work. 
This follows the company’s recent announcement that it switched on its first, live 5G network at an event that demonstrated the transformative potential of 5G, “thanks to incredible speeds and, more significantly, ultra-low latency – meaning a very low delay for data transmission between two points”, Vodafone Qatar said in a statement yesterday.
Using an Augmented Reality showcase, hundreds of people experienced a number of possible applications of 5G technology, in which an explanation was given for how these will improve the lives of the country’s residents and support Qatar’s progress.
With the Middle East’s first World Cup coming to Qatar in 2022, people were shown how Vodafone Qatar’s 5G network will “deliver the ultimate experience for millions of sports fans watching and sharing the action live in person, or accessing it via uninterrupted, superfast connectivity”, the statement notes.
The positive potential of 5G for the transportation sector was explained, with 5G enabling sophisticated communication between vehicles, traffic management and co-ordination, advanced driver assistance and ultimately fully autonomous self-driving. 
The future of healthcare with 5G was also on display. Doctors can perform lifesaving procedures using robotics from any location thanks to uninterrupted data signals between the doctor and the operating theatre, enabling the robotic surgery on 5G. 
With the huge strides that Qatar has made in the drive to be self-sufficient, it was shown how 5G will only accelerate this. In the agricultural sector, 5G will monitor, track and automate systems at lightning fast speed, support the development of smart-farming and allow farmers to better measure things on a day-to-day basis remotely. 
Diego Camberos, COO at Vodafone Qatar, said: “We are at a turning point in our industry and 5G will change the way we live and have a profound impact on how we interact with our environment. It is more than just faster speed, and will truly allow everything to be connected to everything else - all the time and in real time. The applications of this technology are limitless; so, over the next few months we’ll be sharing with the public the different uses we will have in the near future, thanks to 5G.” 
To immerse more people into the future of 5G, Vodafone Qatar will be taking its Augmented Reality showcase to the Qatari Success event taking place at Qatar National Convention Centre from September 13 to 15, and then to Villaggio from September 20 to 22.

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