Qatar will have about three to five fan fest venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, stated a top official of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC).
“The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be, probably, the most compact one so far. Having fans of all the teams in a compact place will add to the festivities. We aim to have some three to five fan fest venues for the tournament,” said Nasser al-Khater, assistant secretary general, Tournament Affairs SC.
Speaking on the sidelines of an event to launch volunteer registration for the tournament recently, al-Khater said that every country has its own strength and the size of the country is the strength for Qatar. 
“It will go a long way to fan experience. It also brings the challenges as well, as we have to make sure that the crowd is managed well. We also have to make sure that everything is smooth and networks and transportation are running smoothly. We need to ensure that everybody is comfortable and everybody is safe,” explained al-Khater. 
According to the official, Fan ID, used during the Russian World Cup, is another idea that Qatar will look into and consult with the Russian counterparts. “Fan ID is an idea that we are planning to talk to our colleagues in Russia. I understand that it was successful and we want to understand what are the positives and negatives of it before making a decision,” he maintained. 
“Main areas such as spectator service, hospitality, accommodation, transportation among others. The spectator services are the area where we need the bulk of volunteers. Depending on the database and the mix of the volunteers from various countries, we will decide on the nature of the training as well as the venues for training. We will also look into the aspect of how many volunteers we want from Qatar as well as from outside after we receive the database,” he pointed out. 
Meanwhile, Mead al-Emadi, community engagement manager, SC felt that volunteers of Qatar World Cup would convey the real culture and beauty of Arab culture and hospitality to the visitors. 
“The volunteers were the real flavour in Russia 2018. The tournament was so smooth due to the volunteers. The volunteers were able to convey their culture to the visitors and I expect our volunteers to convey the real picture and culture of Arab culture and hospitality,” she said.
“This is a different tournament as it is a very compact one. Unlike in other countries, you and I would be able to watch three matches a day. The volunteers, therefore, will have more challenges and the quality and the message of the volunteers, we send out is important. We are focusing on the legacy that is conveyed to the entire world,” added al-Emadi.