*Expansion plans includes doubling the number of parking spaces

Dar Al Salam Mall is set to build nine cinemas and an entertainment zone on its rooftop, aimed at providing Doha residents with diverse range of offerings, the mall’s operations manager Zahid Iqbal has told Gulf Times.

“We are planning to bring a one-of-its-kind entertainment on an 18,000sqm area, including a beautiful garden,” said Iqbal, while showing a blueprint of the mall’s expansion plan. “It is a huge lease area, half for the cinemas and (the other half) for an entertainment zone for shoppers and mall-goers.”

Dar Al Salam Mall's operations manager Zahid Iqbal

He noted that Dar Al Salam Mall is the first mall in the country to have a ‘green park’ on its rooftop but had to be closed due to a water leakage, removing trucks of soil, grass and various kinds of plants.
According to Iqbal, the problem has been fixed and the mall is ready to bring the garden back for residents and visitors to enjoy.
Part of the project, he added, also includes doubling the number of parking spaces from 600 to 1,200 to accommodate more vehicles.
Iqbal said Dar Al Salam Mall is also set to convert its Carrefour supermarket into a hypermarket, which will occupy an additional 2,500sqm area, dedicated for an electronic section. 
“Construction will start soon and will take at least one year,” he noted, adding that such expansion plan will benefit a large number of residents in the area once finished.

Dar Al Salam Mall built the biggest mosque in Abu Hamour area

Iqbal added that access to free and bigger parking area becomes easier for worshippers who come to pray at the biggest mosque in Abu Hamour area. Built by Dar Al Salam Mall, the mosque also has a Qur’an education system.
Despite the blockade on Qatar, Iqbal stressed that the mall continues to expand its operations without any of its stores leaving or closing until today.
“We are doing very well and we received good footfall every day and during the recent Eid al-Adha holidays,” he said. “We expect an average of 20,000 visitors per day.”
“Dar Al Salam Mall is appealing to many residents due to its good mix of popular brands, and other food and beverage offerings (restaurants and coffee shops),” Iqbal pointed out. “People keep coming because of the calm, peaceful and safe atmosphere here.” 
In partnership with Qatar Tourism Authority, he said the mall hosts numerous entertainment and cultural performances during Eid holidays and similar festivities and holidays in the country.

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